Open Positions

Open Positions

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch works in coordination with school deans and administrators to implement initiatives, policies, and programs that improve and enhance different aspects of the undergraduate experience.

Presidential Advisory Council

This advisory council will be comprised of student leaders from different backgrounds, cultures, club involvements, and academic areas to serve as student advisors to the President and Vice President. This council will meet 1-2 times a month to advise the President and Vice President on different issues, concerns, and projects in all areas of the university. The idea is to bring together student leaders from different backgrounds that can have an influence on policy creation within SA, and be a voice on behalf of their community as liaisons.

Minority Student Affairs Liaison

The Minority Student Affairs Liaison will be to communicate the concerns of historically-underrepresented minority students at the college to the Students’ Association Government. The Liaison will serve to advise SA on matters regarding historically-underrepresented minority students. The Minority Student Affairs Liaison must have at least one year of prior experience sitting on the executive board of a student organization representative of minority students.

Secretary of Community Engagement

The Secretary of Community Engagement works with relevant University departments to engage the Greater Rochester community and facilitate a stronger relationship between the students at the University of ROchester and the residents of the City of Rochester.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff serves as business manager of the Executive Branch, and is in charge of planning some events. The role also includes scheduling meetings between members of the executive branch and administrators. The Chief of Staff is also responsible for tasks delegated to them by the President and Vice President. This position requires great organization and dependability.

Secretary of Public Relations

The Secretary of Public Relations is in charge of publicizing the events, initiatives, and agenda of the Students’ Association Government. This is done through the SA website, social media, and print media, and it requires coordination with many branches, dependability, and organization skills.

Secretary of Alumni and Advancement

The Secretary of Alumni and Advancement works with the Office of Advancement to improve the relationship between students and alumni.

Legislative Branch

The Senate Committees are in charge of conducting research on the opinions of students relevant to submitted ideas, grievances, and suggestions. If there is strong support for an initiative based off of critical research, Senators on each Legislative Committee are responsible for authoring a resolution on the subject. After the resolution is written, edited, and approved by the Legislative Committee, it will be brought to the Senate table for discussion and a vote.

Chair of Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee takes on projects campus-wide issues that affect the lives of undergraduates students, including topics like mental health, inclusivity, affordability, and other issues prevalent to the student body. As deputy, you would support the Chair in leading meetings, initiatives, and more secretarial aspects of the committee.

Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee takes on projects involving all academic-related issues that affect the lives of undergraduate students, including curriculum, course offerings, academic policies, experiential learning, advising, and more. As Chair, you would be in charge of leading committee meetings and coordinating execution of projects with administration.

Chair of the Campus Services Committee

The Campus Services Committee takes on projects that focus on improving services on campus used by undergraduate students, including dining, transportation, residential life, and other departments. As deputy, you would support the Chair in leading meetings, initiatives, and more secretarial aspects of the committee.

Chair of the International Student Affairs Committee

The International Student Affairs Committee works to improve the experience of international students on campus by working to decrease divides on campus among different international communities with domestic students, while also working to provide resources regarding issues that disproportionately affect international students. As Chair, you would be in charge of leading committee meetings and coordinating execution of projects with administration.

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The Parliamentarian is in charge of the internal rules of SA Government. This means that the Parliamentarian advises the Speaker on SA’s rules, helps review all legislation to make sure that it is in line with SA’s Style Guide and is consistent with the governing documents, and works with the Chief of Staff to ensure that all legislation is being appropriately carried out.

Fall 2021 Elections Coordinator

The Elections Coordinator will be in charge of overseeing the Fall Elections for First-Year Senators, Class Council, and Hall Council. This involves working with the Secretary of Public Relations to publicize elections events, chairing the Elections Violation Committee, and overseeing communication with candidates.

Deputy Speaker

The Deputy Speaker assists the Speaker of the Senate on a variety of matters, from decision making to managing Senate and legislative committees. Additionally, the Deputy Speaker is the Business Manager for the Legislative Branch, and takes minutes during Senate meetings. This position requires great organization and dependability.

Judicial Branch

ACJC is the judicial branch of the Student's Association Government: we help SA --and all groups under it-- function within its guidelines and governing documents. We also serve as student representatives in the Board of Academic Honesty and in administrative committees related to conduct. Through meeting faculty, staff, and administrators, you can have a large impact on campus culture, climate, and policy.

No open position as of now.