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Available Positions

Spring Elections Coordinator

The Spring Elections Coordinator is in charge of facilitating SA Government Elections during the spring semester for all class years. To ensure this happens smoothly, the coordinator is responsible for communicating website and ballot adjustments to IT, keeping an open line of communication with candidates, producing marketing materials alongside the Secretary of Public Relations, and planning large events or information meetings throughout the election cycle.

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Deputy Secretary

Deputy Committee Chairs and/or Deputy Secretaries shall be appointed by the respective Committee Chair or Secretary and then confirmed by the Senate. The Deputy to each Chair and Secretary role acts as the second in command and is responsible for overseeing the responsibilities of the role when the Chair or Secretary is unable to. For further information about each specific Committee & Secretary Position, refer to the position descriptions detailed in the respective role descriptions at this link:

Note: You may apply for as many positions listed on the drop down menu!

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Legislative Advisor

Legislative Advisors shall be appointed by the chairs of each respective committee, and then confirmed by the Senate. LA’s are the legislative committee members who are able to work on tasks and projects within the respective committees. LAs have the opportunity to write bills enacting internal policy changes within SA or resolutions to the greater student body and administration to address greater issues and push for change. The committees include Campus Life, DEI, ISAC, and Academic Affairs, and all applicants should note that they are able to apply as an LA to all committees if they so choose, but will only be able to serve on a max of 2 if selected. For more information on each committee and what their specific responsibilities are, please refer to the position descriptions detailed in the respective role descriptions at this link:

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Presidential Advisory Council

Students selected to serve on PAC will be the start of a pipeline of engagement between the Students’ Association Government and the student body. The primary purpose of PAC is to bring together a coalition of student leaders from different backgrounds, cultures, club involvement, and academic areas to serve as student advisors to the President and Vice President. The premises of the committee are to 1) bring together student leaders from different backgrounds and experiences that can have an influence on policy creation within SA, 2) be a focus group to provide core feedback on pertinent issues, and 3) be a voice on behalf of their communities.