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Available Positions

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Secretary of Sustainability

The Secretary of Sustainability will be an advocate for initiatives to make the university more environmentally focused and will communicate with groups and departments focused on environmental concerns, as outlined in the Executive Branch Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM). The Secretary of Sustainability will serve to advise members of the executive and legislative branches on matters related to the university’s carbon and water footprints, the biodiversity of the university grounds, food waste, waste management, energy use, initiatives being pushed for by the aforementioned groups, and any other topic related to the environment or climate change.

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Student Organization Liaison

The student organization liaison is responsible for deliberating student organization concerns pertaining to the new student organization application process using personal experiences in attending different student organizations and holding leadership positions. As such, potential applicants must have held or are holding a total of at least two executive board positions in two separate organizations. The student organization liaison is responsible for providing insight into how potential student organizations will be integrated into existing student organizations and the campus community. The liaison should be prepared to participate in Student Organization Review Board meetings. Lastly, potential applicants must not hold any other official role within SA government.

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Chair of ISAC

The Chair of the International Student Affairs Committee is responsible for gathering information and deliberating on issues affecting international students. The Chair is responsible for reviewing these concerns and maintaining communication with the applicable university departments related to international students, as well as fostering a place of communication and inclusivity for the international student community within SA.

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The Parliamentarian is responsible for being a resource to all members of the SA government on the structure of the government, and the content of the governing documents. They are in charge of maintaining the SA Google Drive, the Style Guide, and all governing documents, uploading them to the drive and updating any governing documents that may be altered by passed legislation. When the Elections and Rules Committee is active, the Parliamentarian serves as its chair. Additionally, the Parliamentarian reviews all legislation before steering meetings and works with its sponsors to ensure compatibility with the Style Guide, as well as to ensure the language is as effective as possible. Where inconsistencies with governing documents arise, the Parliamentarian works with senators to resolve them. Finally, the Parliamentarian assists with training on legislation-drafting and the basic Robert’s Rules of Order used during Senate meetings.

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Presidential Advisory Council

Students selected to serve on PAC will be the start of a pipeline of engagement between the Students’ Association Government and the student body.The primary purpose of PAC is to bring together a coalition of student leaders from different backgrounds, cultures, club involvement, and academic areas to serve as student advisors to the President and Vice President. The premises of the committee are to 1) bring together student leaders from different backgrounds and experiences that can have an influence on policy creation within SA, 2) be a focus group to provide core feedback on pertinent issues, and 3) be a voice on behalf of their communities.