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The All-Campus Judicial Council (ACJC) is the Judicial Branch of the Students’ Association Government. ACJC serves both as the Students’ Association highest court and as a hearing panel, authorized by the University, to address alleged violations of the student conduct standards. Fundamental to each of these roles is that ACJC provides a true jury of one’s peers.


ACJC Letter of Intent

First of two documents required when submitting an appeal.


ACJC Appeals Form

Second of two documents that are required when filing an appeal.

Code of Conduct

Standard policies and procedures of the judicial branch.


Standard UR academic honesty policy.

Concern Report

For students who feel concerned about someone committing academic dishonesty.

Landmark Cases

A view of all landmark cases.


Sam Smith portrait

Sam Smith 2022

Chief Justice

Zain Nichols

Zain Nichols 2023

Deputy Chief Justice, Associate Justice

Ars Ghani

Ars Ghani 2022

Associate Justice

Lucy Oh

Lucy Oh 2022

Associate Justice

Bevin Manuelpillai

Bevin Manuelpillai 2022

Associate Justice

Morgan Gillespie 2022

Associate Justice

Taylor Sayles 2022

Associate Justice

Lindsay Michaud 2022

Associate Justice

Arielle Savoy

Arielle Savoy 2023

Associate Justice

Annette Hopkins

Annette Hopkins 2024

Associate Justice

Emily Bonanno

Emily Bonanno 2022

Associate Justice

Kaijia Liu 2022

Associate Justice

Yaa Baker

Yaa Baker 2022

Associate Justice