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Administration & Review Committee

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The Administration & Review Committee (ARC) ensures the success of all student organizations by providing support and direction to those navigating student organization policies. Guidance for how to start a new student organization, update your organization’s current Constitution or Resource Agreement, access to resources, or how to have a successful Student Organization Annual Review (SOAR) can be found below.


Constitution Update Process

Detailed outline of the process to make an update to the constitution.

Constitution Update Interest

Ready to update your student organization constitution? Start here!

Constitution Template

Template used to make additions and amendments to the constitution when a new organization is created.

Start a New Organization

Detailed outline of the new organization proposal process and respective resources.


Detailed outline of the Student Organization Annual Review process and respective resources.

Meeting Meetings

Quick summary of the content of each meeting.


Evan Ji 2025

ARC Chair

Xiang Tang

ARC Deputy Chair

Jessie Li 2025

ARC Analyst

Garrett Briggs 2024

ARC Analyst

John Nguyen 2025

ARC Analyst

Eray Bozoglu 2027

ARC Analyst

Marina Tiligadas

ARC Analyst

Jessie Zhou 2026

ARC Analyst