SA Government

Executive Cabinet

Chief of Staff

Esha Mardikar 2023

Aides the President and Vice President in daily duties and serve as a supporting resource to Executive Directors. Run select Executive Programs such as $5K Challenge and Constitution Day as well as other ad hoc initiatives that arise.

Secretary of Public Relations

Kerimar Nadal 2022

The Secretary of Public Relations is in charge of publicizing the events, initiatives, and agenda of the Students’ Association Government. This is done through our website, social media, and print media, and requires the coordination of a team of skilled individuals across many domains in the field of Communications.

Assistant to the Secretary of Public Relations

Grace Di Leo 2022

Assistant to the Secretary of Public Relations

Secretary of Alumni & Advancement

Sekelile Mkhabela 2021

The Secretary of Alumni & Advancement works with the Office of Advancement to improve the relationship between students and alumni.

Secretary of Community Engagement

Izzy Murphy 2022

The Secretary of Community Engagement works with the relevant University administration to engage the greater Rochester community to facilitate a stronger relationship between University of Rochester students and the residents of the City of Rochester.