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As the SA executive branch, we are here to support our fellow students. If there is anything we can do to improve the student experience, we want to hear from you!


SA Constitution

Our constitution outlines our core values, as well as defining the core rights of students, the standards of this government, and the powers of each branch.

Policy & Procedure

Each branch and committee within the SA Government has a policy and procedure manual that outlines the duties of leadership and responsibilities of the subgroup.


Our bylaws define the specific rules, polices, and procedures of the SA government.


Sabeet Kazmi

Sabeet Kazmi 2023


Rusama Haque

Rusama Haque 2023

Vice President

Frederick Liu

Frederick Liu 2023

Chief of Staff

Allie Tay

Allie Tay 2025

Deputy Chief of Staff

Alondra Mendez

Alondra Mendez 2023

Secretary of Public Relations

Mel Harrell

Mel Harrell 2024

Assistant to the Secretary of Public Relations

John Moses

John Moses 2023

Assistant to Secretary of Public Relations

Katie O'Leary

Katie O'Leary 2024

Secretary of Alumni & Advancement

Kavari Hercules 2022

Secretary of Community Engagement

Adrija Bhattacharjee

Adrija Bhattacharjee 2024

Minority Student Affairs Liaison

London Chastain

London Chastain 2024

Assistant to the Secretary of Public Relations