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The International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) aims to decrease the language and culture barriers for international students. The committee helps international students become a part of the Rochester community and feel like they belong here on our campus. ISAC liaises with different university entities and organizations to represent the student body and voice their concerns.



A board for students who are also not a member of the undergraduate body who wish to seek assistance.

Financial Immigration

A program that offers financial assistance for international students.


ISAC offers advising on issues that may arise regarding international students.

Meeting Minutes

Quick summary of the content of each meeting.


Gregor Cvetojevic

Gregor Cvetojevic 2023


Yutong Zhu 2025

Deputy Chair

Karenrose Kamala 2024

Legislative Advisor

John (Quoc) Nguyen 2025

Legislative Advisor

Gantam Bajaj 2025

Legislative Advisor

Aleeha Imtiaz 2025

Legislative Advisor