Message From Students' Association Election Chair:

(Unofficial) results are in!

All polls are officially closed. Thank you for your participation.

What Can I Run For?

The Students' Association Senate is the legislative body of student government.

Charged with the task of bettering student life, the Senators works to pass legislation and oversee the operation of student organizations. Comprised of six Standing Committees: Academic Affairs, Appropriations, Campus Services, Elections and Rules, Organizations Policy and Review, and Student Life, the Senate aims to advocate for all students.

Class Councils are programming groups that promote class unity and school spirit by planning events and creating traditions.

Each graduating class elects eight representatives to their respective Councils.

The President and Vice President are the official representatives of the student body.

They are responsible for overseeing all executive and advocacy functions of the Students' Association Government and managing a team of directors.


If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Chair, Jake Braniecki (, or Advisor, Laura Ballou (
If you are interested in getting involved in SA Government, but do not want to run as a Senator, you can also apply for an appointed position in SA Government by contacting the President.

Get Informed 

Elections Interest Meetings

You must attend one interest meeting to be eligible for candidacy. If you are unable to attend any of the Interest Meetings, please contact the Elections Chair, Jake Braniecki (, before the last scheduled Interest Meeting.

  • Interest Meeting #1
    Friday, March 18th @ 3:00 PM in the Gowen Room
  • Interest Meeting #2
    Tuesday, March 22nd @ 5:00 PM in the Gowen Room
  • Interest Meeting #3
    Thursday, March 24th @ 6:30 PM in the Gowen Room


Polls will be open on Tuesday, April 5th beginning at 10:00am and will close on Wednesday, April 6th at 10:00pm. Voting will take place through a link on this website and on CCC. Students may vote for up to eight Class Council candidates from their own graduating class year. Students may vote for as many Senate Candidates and Preseidential Tickets as they wish.


Platforms are due online, see How to Become a Candidate by Saturday, March 26th at 12:00pm. You can submit them starting from the first interest meeting.

Campaign Period

Campaigning begins 12:00 pm Tuesday, March 29th and ends Wednesday, April 6th at 10pm when polls close. All campaign materials must be down within 48 hours after elections.

Elections Platforms

Make sure to be an informed voter! Platforms will be available on this website on the Current Candidates tab by the end of the day on Monday, March 30th. Make a difference...GET OUT THERE AND VOTE on April 5th and 6th!