The Appropriations Committee (SAAC) is responsible for funding student organizations and managing the finances of the SA.

What We Do

Fund Student Organizations

SAAC funds student organizations on an annual and supplemental basis.

Get Funding

Manage the SA Budget

SAAC is responsible for managing the Students’ Association Budget, which is over $1,000,000.

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SAAC Leadership

  • Jared Fialkoff

    SAAC Treasurer

    Class Year: 2015

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Hometown: Dix Hills NY

    Involved in on campus: MERT, Chemistry TA/Workshop Leader, Research URMC, Residental Advisor (RA), Volunteer URMC


  • Ngosa Mupela

    Deputy Treasurer

    Class Year: 2016

    Major: Financial Economics

    Hometown: Mthatha, South Africa

    Involved in on campus: Residential Advisor(RA), Economics TA


SAAC hears requests for supplemental funding every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Business Managers can obtain their organization’s account balances by contacting their accountant via email or by attending regular office hours. For updated account balances, please check your monthly reports, found in your individual mailboxes. In addition, the “Ledger Form” is available under the “Budgeting” section of the “Funding Your Student Organization” page. Using this form, Business Managers can independently track their group’s spending.

Student Accountants


  • Linda Shackles

    Group: 3

    Class Year: 2017

    Major: Financial Economics

    Hometown: Federal Way, WA

    Campus Involvement: Classroom Technology, Facilities Team Green, GreenSpace

  • Lance Floto

    Group: 4

    Class Year: 2017

    Major: Computer Science and Financial Economics

    Hometown: Denver, CO

    Campus Involvement: Mel Cap, Roc Hack

  • Zeina Elhaj

    Group: 6

    Class Year: 2016

    Major: Business and English

    Hometown: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Campus Involvement: UR Orientation, Habitat for Humanity, Occasional Contributor for Campus Times

  • CJ Van Huben

    Group: 5

    Class Year: 2018

    Major: Financial Econ and Mathematics

    Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

    Campus Involvement: UR Consulting, Spark Entrepreneurs


  • Nicholas Wachter

    Group: 9

    Class Year: 2017

    Major: Business and Statistics

    Hometown: Bath, PA

    Campus Involvement: Rocky’s Sub Shop and Lounge, Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Off Broadway On Campus

  • Nicholas Mavrelis

    Group: 7

    Class Year: 2017

    Major: Economics and Business

    Hometown: Astoria, New York

    Campus Involvement: Meridian, Business Manager for Students for Liberty, Staff Writer for the Campus Times


  • Caitlin Topkis

    Group: 8

    Class Year: 2015

    Major: Business

    Hometown: Beverly Hills

    Campus Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta, Club Sports, and Fraternity and Sorority Values Ambassador


  • Bonga Khoza

    Group: 2

    Class Year: 2018

    Major: Economics and Psychology

    Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Campus Involvement: CRU


SAAC Senators

    Updates from SAAC

    • Funding of Political & Religious Groups

      In an effort to better support all of the student groups on campus, the SA Government is instituting flat rate funding for inclusive Political & Religious student organizations. The Students’ Association Government is in charge of allocating money to many of...

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    • Appropriations Committee ’12-’13 Final Report

      Here’s a look at what the Appropriations Committee (SAAC) has done this year. Every year, SAAC provides funds to student organizations through the annual budgeting process as well as through supplemental funding requests. Some highlights include: Various internal projects...

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    • Funding Fridays: SAAC Update

      This week the Appropriations Committee approved eleven supplemental requests: CAB was awarded $290.00 for earpieces to be used with radios at their events and programs. Men’s Ultimate was awarded $1,250.00 for travel and lodging costs for games in their...

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    • Funding Fridays: SAAC Update

      Last week the Appropriations Committee approved seven supplemental requests: Astronomy Club was awarded $110.00 for a telescope for general club activities and events. BPG was awarded $168.98 for a speaker/stereo system for their organization’s practices and rehearsals. After Hours...

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    • Funding Fridays: SAAC Update

      This week the Appropriations Committee approved three supplemental requests: Sailing Club was awarded $1,587.95 for three dry suits to be used as safety equipment and for practice and regattas during the year. Sihir Bellydance Ensemble was awarded $200.00 for...

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    • Online Supplemental Forms Now Available

      In an effort to increase convenience for students, the Student Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC) is taking part in the SA’s transition to the new Campus Club Connection (CCC) system. All supplemental funding forms are now online through the new...

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