The Appropriations Committee (SAAC) is responsible for funding student organizations and managing the finances of the SA.

Fund Student Organizations

SAAC funds student organizations on an annual and supplemental basis.

Get Funding

Manage the SA Budget

SAAC is responsible for managing the Students’ Association Budget, which is over $1,000,000. Budgets from past years can be found at the SAAC Office in Ruth Merrill.

Examine 2015-2016 Budget

SAAC Leadership

  • Patrick Fink

    Deputy Treasurer

    Group:Anne-Marie Algier

  • Nicholas Mavrelis


    Class Year: 2017

    Major: Financial Economics

    Hometown: Astoria, New York

    Campus Involvement: Meridian, Business Manager for Students for Liberty, Staff Writer for the Campus Times


SAAC hears requests for supplemental funding every Tuesday at 8 pm in the Stackel Room in Wilson Commons. Meetings are open to the public.

Business Managers can obtain their organization’s account balances by contacting their accountant via email or by attending regular office hours. For updated account balances, please check your monthly reports, found in your individual mailboxes. In addition, the “Ledger Form” is available under the “Budgeting” section of the “Funding Your Student Organization” page. Using this form, Business Managers can independently track their group’s spending.

Student Accountants

  • Bonga Khoza

    Group: Stacey Fisher

    Class Year: 2018

    Major: Economics and Psychology

    Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Campus Involvement: CRU


  • CJ Van Huben

    Group: Online Orders

    Class Year: 2018

    Major: Financial Econ and Mathematics

    Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

    Campus Involvement: UR Consulting, Spark Entrepreneurs


  • Benjamin Dantowitz

    Club Sports Student Accountant

    Group:Griffin LaDew

  • Jordy Guntur

    Student Accountant

    Group:Lydia Crews

  • Robert Gerami

    Student Accountant

    Group:Heather Maclin

  • Laura Ackerman

    Student Accountant

    Group:Griffin LaDew

  • Thomas van der Straaten

    Student Accountant

    Group:Brian Magee/Madeleine Aborn