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IMPACT Guidelines

Key Points

  • 300 signatures are required to mandate SA action on a petition, being more in line with the original thought process of 5% of the total student body
  • The three coordinators of the IMPACT website shall be the Secretary of Public Relations, President, and Vice-President. The Secretary of Public Relations will be seen as the primary coordinator
  • It shall be the responsibility of these coordinators to alert the Students’ Association to any petition that has met the requirements to mandate SA action
  • It shall be the responsibility of these coordinators to approve petitions before they become live on the website
  • To become live on the website petitions must abide by the policies set below as well as the Student Code of Conduct and the University Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment (PADH). The Code of Conduct can be found here and the PADH policy can be found here
    • Any petition submitted that contains bias-related material or discrimination of a protected class will be directed to the proper channel (BRIR, PADH)
  • The Eastman Students’ Association will be notified of any petition created that has a relevant area of “Eastman” only
    • The Students’ Association will not take direct action on Eastman specific petitions
  • The Students’ Association will communicate with the Eastman Students’ Association when any University-Wide petition reaches the “Mandated SA Action” threshold

What is “Mandated SA Action”

  • Once a petition receives 300 signatures, it will be added to the following Senate agenda for discussion
  • At this senate meeting, the petition will be delegated via the Executive Branch to the appropriate committee or branch
  • The delegated body will:
    • Meet with the author of the petition to learn more about their concerns
    • Develop a list of action items to be presented at the Senate meeting following communication with the petition author
    • Remain in communication with the petition author throughout working on action items
    • Provide regular updates to the Senate
  • An update to be placed on IMPACT will be written by the delegated body and sent to the Secretary of Public Relations to be placed on the website as an official response from the SA

Reasons In Which a Petition Would Not Be Posted 

  • If the petition contains material that is too similar to that of another petition
  • If the petition contains any content that is discriminatory to any community on campus
  • If the petition attacks a singular individual by name on the basis of character and identity
    • A petition may call for a specified action or removal of someone holding an elected or selected role or a position at the University.
      • Ex) John Doe is a horrific human being is not allowed. John Doe should be removed from office due to x action is allowed.
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