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IMPACT is the official petition site of the Students’ Association Government. This platform provides a dedicated space to rally your peers and the campus community around your ideas. We’re here to listen to you, so create, support, discuss, and IMPACT your experience.

What are we going to do with the petitions?

If you can get 300 other students to sign onto your idea, we will take action. This will look different depending on a given petition, but expect outreach from either the SA President or relevant committee chair in a timely manner. All successful petitions will automatically be added to discussion at the following Senate meeting. The more signatures you get, the more advocacy power your petition holds.


The bottom line is that this tool is not anonymous. Your NetID is associated with any petitions or comments you make. Your words have consequences.

To that end, SA Government reserves the right to not approve any petition at any time for violating the Code of Conduct or Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment (PADH). This includes, but is not limited to, creating an intimidating, hostile or abusive environment for any member of the UR community, or posting of any obscene, defamatory, threatening, or otherwise harassing petitions.

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