NJR Presents: The Soul Train Show (Auditions!)

Soul Train Show Auditions Flyer

Presenting NJR’s upcoming show! This will be a huge event on Friday, October 24th and we want you to get involved! Auditions for vocals, core band, as well as horns and strings will happen this weekend (September 13th-14th)! Email njrauditions@gmail.com for more information and don’t be afraid to let your soul show!


NJR Presents: School of Rock


NJR’s spring concert is both a survey of classic rock from 1955 to 1985 and a tribute to the movie School of Rock starring Jack Black. Watch the film reenacted onstage by NJR’s musicians. Tickets are on sale at the Common Market for $3 for students and $5 for the community. Learn more about the concert on Facebook. The concert will also be streamed live at www.rochester.edu/news/live. Sponsored by NJR.

NJR Presents: How NJR Stole Christmas

HOW NJR STOLE CHRISTMAS, 9-10:30pm, Drama House
Come celebrate the holidays with No Jackets Required as we play all of your favorite holiday tunes! Music by Wham!, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, and more will be featured, plus a special performance by Mariachi Meliora. $2 donations encouraged. Sponsored by No Jackets Required and Mariachi Meliora.

NJR Presents: Canadian Legends

NJR Presents: Canadian Legends is in ONE WEEK (since you looked at me)! Tickets should be on sale at the common market soon. We’re currently looking for people to collect/sell tickets at the door. If you’d like to volunteer, you’ll receive **FREE** admission! We would also like volunteers to take pictures and video of the entire show. If you’re interested, email me ASAP atJLWilson91@gmail.com

NJR Presents: One Hit Wonders

Hey NJR, just a reminder that our super-mega-spectacular ONE HIT WONDERS Show is TODAY at 8 PM in the May Room ($3). Come see over 60 of our members put on an AWESOME show.

If you’re bummed about not being in the show, don’t worry…there’s still plenty you can do! Reminder:

We’re looking for people to collect/sell tickets at the door. Photographers and Videographers are also wanted!! If you’d like to volunteer, you’ll receive **FREE** admission! If you’re interested, email JLWilson91@gmail.com ASAP.

Love, Tom

NJR Presents: The Beach Party

NJR Presents: The Beach Party!

NJR is putting on a free concert tomorrow, May 3 at 2pm outside of Towers (by the Sage art building), cosponsored by WRUR and Towers COG! The first hour will feature DJing courtesy of WRUR, and then at 3pm your fellow NJR members are going to put on an awesome, live concert featuring fun music from such artists as The Eagles, TheBeach Boys, Katy Perry, Jimmy Buffet and more!

This is a perfect opportunity to take a break from studying for finals and relax! Additionally, the Towers COG is going to have some fun activities to do while the concert is going on! And if you’re comi ng, don’t forget to RSVP for the Facebook event!

NJR Presents: The Beatles

NJR Presents: The Beatles

NJR’s big spring show is not only coming up soon, it is making all kinds of news! Check out this press release on the University of Rochester homepage, written by Melissa Lopes. NJR is also going to be in the local news today, Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm on Channel 10 (WHEC/NBC) to promote the Beatles show. Be sure to tune in!

The show is going to be on Friday, March 2 in the May Room at 8pm, and tickets are $3 for U of R undergraduate students with ID, $4 for graduate students, faculty, and staff, & $5 for the general public at the Common Market. If you’re coming, don’t for get to RSVP on Facebook, if you are into social networking!

Additionally, if you are interested in helpin g to collect/sell tickets at the door or would like to lend us your photographic talents to take pictures for the show, we are still looking for volunteers to help out in these endeavors. If you would like to get involved, please contact the e-board at exec.njr@gmail.com.

NJR Presents: American Bandstand


Come see NJR’s big fall show, a tribute to the classic TV show “American Bandstand” and featuring songs that were performed on the show in its heyday (i.e., the 1950s and 60s). The set list features songs by artists such as The Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, the Isley Brothers, and more! The show will feature a full horn section as well as dance routines performed by members of UR Swing Club. Tickets are $3 for UR undergrads and $5 for the community at the Common Market. Sponsored by No Jackets Required.

NJR Presents: Revolution Underground

NJR Presents Revolution Underground Punk Show
Revolution Underground: The Punk Rock Show is for everyone who likes punk music, from the old classics like the Clash and Sex Pistols to newer punk bands like Green Day and even ska-punk like Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake. Come to the show on Thursday April 21st at 8:00 PM in Drama House to stick it to the man, rock out, and listen to some crazy awesome punk rock!  Tickets are $5 at the door.

NJR Presents: The Freshness

In case you haven’t heard NJR is working on a house party for drama house for DECEMBER 10th. (*what-what*say*what-what*) The theme is a tribute to one of the greatest musicians that ever lived:!!!Will Smith!!!. That’s right the FRESH PRINCE HIMSELF! This is looking to be a super awesome, low key, and tons-of-fun show!  If you would like to be involved in a leadership position (Creative or Logistical Director), email exec.njr@gmail.com. If you want in on this action sign up quickly because spots are already going fast to be in the core band for this show! If this sound like your cup of tea (and it obviously does) then email njrauditions@gmail.com to sign up for an audition. You can be in either the CORE BAND (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), AUXILIARY SECTION (trumpet, sax, what have you), RAPPING, or BACKGROUND VOCALS (some actual singing, mostly “whoo-hoos”, the occasional “what-what-say-“what”). Once you send that fateful email you will be given more information. Please send in those emails soon so we can get started right away!

Jazzily Yours,
Tom Krasner, liaison to the freshness

NJR Presents: The Millennium Show


Party down to the most popular and influential songs of the past decade, performed by three full bands (performing rock, hip-hop, and pop respectively) and joined by a full horn and string section and a ton of awesome vocalists.  $3 tickets for UR undergrads with ID, and $5 for all others available at the Common Market.  Sponsored by No Jackets Required.