• Music in our Lives
    Author/Editor: Rachel Weitzner
    This is a biweekly (i.e., every other week) e-mail which is sent out to those members of the club who have subscribed to the No Jackets Required mailing list. Its goal is to keep members informed not only about the events and opportunities which NJR is providing in the upcoming few weeks, but also about music-related events that are being sponsored by other on-campus groups and of concerts, jam nights, karaoke nights, etc. which are occurring off-campus in the Rochester area.
  • The Long and Winding Roll
    Author/Editor: Rachel Weitzner
    This is a semesterly publication which is printed in the form of an 8″ x 10″ flyer and which includes both general information about NJR and more detailed information about upcoming events that are being hosted by the club in the upcoming months. This flier is primarily directed towards freshmen, and is hung mainly in freshman dorm bathrooms. The goal of the Roll is to enlighten the newest members of the University community about the existence and purpose of No Jackets Required and hopefully to encourage them to either become involved with the club or to attend an NJR performance.