Big Shows

  • The Big Shows
    Each semester, NJR presents a major show in either the May Room or Strong Auditorium. These are themed shows, which are often done in cooperation with other groups and which feature a large number of instrumentalists, vocalists and organizers. In the past we’ve had shows featuring over 70 performers! Each show typically features a core band (i.e., guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard), vocalists, and often a string and/or horn section.

House Party Shows

  • House Party Shows
    In the Fall of 2010, NJR sponsored its first House Party show. These shows, like the big shows, are themed, but are somewhat smaller in scale and a little more low-key. These shows have typically been hosted by the Drama House.

Ensemble Gigs

  • Ensemble Gigs
    Our ensembles are called upon frequently to perform at different events on- and off-campus. They have performed at a wide range of events, from Club Rochester to “School House Rock”.