NJR Presents: The Beatles

NJR Presents: The Beatles

NJR’s big spring show is not only coming up soon, it is making all kinds of news! Check out this press release on the University of Rochester homepage, written by Melissa Lopes. NJR is also going to be in the local news today, Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm on Channel 10 (WHEC/NBC) to promote the Beatles show. Be sure to tune in!

The show is going to be on Friday, March 2 in the May Room at 8pm, and tickets are $3 for U of R undergraduate students with ID, $4 for graduate students, faculty, and staff, & $5 for the general public at the Common Market. If you’re coming, don’t for get to RSVP on Facebook, if you are into social networking!

Additionally, if you are interested in helpin g to collect/sell tickets at the door or would like to lend us your photographic talents to take pictures for the show, we are still looking for volunteers to help out in these endeavors. If you would like to get involved, please contact the e-board at exec.njr@gmail.com.