NJR Presents: The Freshness

In case you haven’t heard NJR is working on a house party for drama house for DECEMBER 10th. (*what-what*say*what-what*) The theme is a tribute to one of the greatest musicians that ever lived:!!!Will Smith!!!. That’s right the FRESH PRINCE HIMSELF! This is looking to be a super awesome, low key, and tons-of-fun show!  If you would like to be involved in a leadership position (Creative or Logistical Director), email exec.njr@gmail.com. If you want in on this action sign up quickly because spots are already going fast to be in the core band for this show! If this sound like your cup of tea (and it obviously does) then email njrauditions@gmail.com to sign up for an audition. You can be in either the CORE BAND (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), AUXILIARY SECTION (trumpet, sax, what have you), RAPPING, or BACKGROUND VOCALS (some actual singing, mostly “whoo-hoos”, the occasional “what-what-say-“what”). Once you send that fateful email you will be given more information. Please send in those emails soon so we can get started right away!

Jazzily Yours,
Tom Krasner, liaison to the freshness