Marvelous March

Health Professions Panel (March 9, 2021)

BMES had a Healthcare professions panel on Tuesday, March 9th on zoom. At this event, we had BME alumni who pursued careers in healthcare speak about their journey from UR BME to their current profession, and what their role is like now.  Our panelists were Louisa Bauer ‘14, a medical student at Tufts, Stephanie Rigot ‘15, a DPT and PhD candidate at University of Pittsburgh, Frances Bell ‘11, A Nurse Practitioner at Mount Sinai, and Ramzi El Hassan ‘10, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation resident at URMC. Dr. Dalecki and Dr. Lerner gave brief introductions in the beginning, and Dr. Lerner also moderated discussion with the panelists. There were many questions and discussions, including preparing for medical school applications, advice on getting practical experience in healthcare fields, and how BME has shaped the panelists’ path. The event was a great way for students interested in this field to connect with alumni in the field and hear about several options in the healthcare field.

By Caroline Stockwell

Fabulous February

BMES Game Night (February 10th, 2021)

On February 10th, 2021, the Biomedical Engineering Society hosted a game night for our members and friends.  Approximately 12 people attended our game night and we played BMES style Jeopardy.  This entertaining game was created by our social co-chairs, Alex Rivera and Riya Shah, and included game sections about teachers, members, and general trivia about the University of Rochester campus.  This event took place completely virtually over Zoom.

By Loralai Crawford


General Interest Meeting (February 15th, 2021)

On Feb 15th, 2021, BMES held our virtual Spring General Interest Meeting. We saw lots of new faces, which we hope will stick with us. We introduced BMES and our goals, as well as our current E-board and other active members. We also got to know the new members and their interests. Then we spent the last few minutes running the GIM as a normal E-Board meeting. We hope our GIM was enjoyable to new members and look forward to seeing them in our next meetings.

By Priscilla Passerotti


Research Panel (February 16th, 2021)

BMES had a Research panel on February 16th, 2021 on zoom. This event aimed to inform BME students about undergraduate research opportunities in BME and related fields. At this event, we had five upperclassmen BME students as panelists, and they were able to share their experiences with undergraduate research at U of R, other institutions in the US, and even abroad. Our panelists were Dylan Manuele, Befikadu Mekonnen, Sereen Assi, and Leonor Teles. They spoke about how they got involved in their research, what they do on a daily basis, and how this research has informed their future plans. Attendees were also able to ask questions and gain insight into what kind of opportunities there are for undergraduates. Laura Jones from the Greene Center also attended the event and was able to answer questions and provide insight on finding research opportunities from the perspective of the career center. This event was recorded to share with students in different time zones or those who had a scheduling conflict.

By Caroline Stockwell


Alumni Mentoring Event (February 25th, 2021)

Thursday evening was BMES’ alumni mentoring event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the program, consisting of a Zoom panel of eleven accomplished alumni speaking on their careers in a variety of fields. The event kicked off with a brief welcome from Dr. Lerner and Dr. Dalecki, as well as a few words from alumnus Benjamin Freedman, and then the attendees split off into various breakout rooms.

The types of careers covered included those in startups, industry, academics, medicine, FDA, and science writing, with a couple BME alumni speaking from each category. The speakers gave insight on their careers so far, answered student questions, and served as friendly and approachable mentors for the undergrads in attendance. The alumni covered topics such as applying to internships, staying motivated through medical school, and planning for future careers.

After the conclusion of many insightful conversations, everyone returned to the main Zoom for closing remarks from BMEs president Priscila along with comments from the professors in attendance. The alumni enjoyed the chance to reconnect with familiar faces from their alma mater, and us students received valuable insights from our conversations. Overall, the event was a success and we’re looking forward to hosting similar panels in the future! Thanks again to all who attended and made it such a great experience.

By Amanda Adams


Delightful December

BMES Fall 2020 Mentoring Event (December 3rd, 2020)

During this mentoring event, experienced BME upperclassmen mentors gave advice to their BME peer mentees about how to get the most out of their major. Everyone who attended the event first gathered in one zoom room, then split into separate breakout rooms based on concentration. Mentees were free to move between breakout rooms and ask questions about research opportunities, courses, and professors specific to each concentration. Students newer to the major were able to get their questions answered by students who had gone through the same process as them not too long ago, and become more familiar with the BME department as a whole! BMES hopes everyone enjoyed their time and made some new friends as well!

By: Judy Monickaraj

Nifty November

UR Splash Day Class (November 7th, 2020)

Lauren and Noah taught an ‘Intro to BME’ class to prospective high school students. Seven students came and were fairly attentive to the questions asked. The students attended the meeting because they were interested in biomedical engineering and wanted to learn more about what careers existed within the field. Lauren and Noah effectively explained the wonders of biomedical engineering through a carefully curated slide show made by Edward Brown. With Lauren and Noah’s wonderful teamwork and academic expertise, the students learned all about biomedical engineering through real-life applications and example career paths. We hope everyone had a great time and learned something new!

By: Noah Freedman

Outstanding October

LinkedIn Panel (October 6th, 2020)

On Tuesday, October 6th, BMES held a LinkedIn Panel via Zoom. The event was essentially LinkedIn 101 – how to use it, when to use it, etc. Firstly, Laura Jones from the Career Center gave a short presentation on networking and how to make a good profile, detailing the do’s and don’ts. She showed a short video, explaining how to use LinkedIn to communicate with associates and peers. Following Laura’s presentation, Dr. Gdowski of the BME department explained networking in greater detail, specifically how to use LinkedIn to that end. Gdowski showed a few example LinkedIn accounts (including his own and Laura’s), and discussed the many specificities and nuances that separate a good LinkedIn profile from a great one. The event was great, and I feel as though I have a much better understanding of LinkedIn, and I now know that my profile definitely needs some work.

By: Alexander Rivera


BMES GIM (September 8, 2020)

The General Interest Meeting took place on September 8th in virtual format. Even with the new format, everything worked out perfectly – BMES had a very large meeting with more than 20 new members. We spent time sharing our missions and how each of us caught our interest in BME. It was really great to meet new people and introduce to them how we play our roles in contributing to UofR BMES and the BMES Chapter in general. We hope our GIM was enjoying to each of you as it was to us and we would be looking forward to seeing you in our next meeting. Stay safe!     

by Duy Doan

Graduate School Panel (September 10, 2020)

The Graduate School Panel, hosted by Department of Biomedical Engineering and BMES, took place Sep.10th, 2020. This panel was completely virtual this year but was very successful.

The panel started by Professor Learner included Professor Maddox talking about the graduate and PhD programs and differences between them. This year, we also had additional BME alumni and graduate students from UR attend the panel as well. They shared a lot of information and insight into choosing appropriate graduate programs. Great questions were asked and answered at the end of the panel and students found this event very helpful.

P.S. For those that are interested but weren’t able to attend the panel, recordings of this panel will be posted on our website soon.

 by Lauren (Ruyi) Li

Internship Panel (September 22, 2020)

The Biomedical Engineering Society’s Internship Panel took place on September 22, 2020 via Zoom. There were several seniors who shared their experiences with internships either through the university with the REU program, or by finding their own with local companies. Many students asked questions regarding how to go about applications, what companies they had positive experiences with, and other helpful information. Career advisor Dave Cota-Buckhout also attended to offer information about the resources available through the Greene Center for finding internships. The internship panel was helpful and enjoyable to aspiring students and BMES hopes to continue to offer it for students in the future.

By Anna Hazelwood

Q&A Panel (September 25, 2020)

The BME Q&A session was held on September 25th with three panelists: Ignacio Rodriguez from the sophomore class, Lam Nguyen (Medical Optics concentration) from the junior class, and Mohammed Abumuaileq (Biosignals and Systems concentration) from the senior class. The panelists gave a brief introduction about themselves and their experiences in BME. Then, questions were asked about their favorite classes, their research experience, how to decide on concentrations, how to make the best out of the BME major, and more. Overall the panel offered helpful and informative insight for our BME students.

By: Lam Nguyen

Outrageous October

DR WAUGH’S RED CELL CONFERENCE (October 11th, 2019) 

On October 11th, 2019, various members of BMES had the opportunity to volunteer at the Red Cell Conference, a meeting that fosters the exchange of novel research information about various aspects of erythrocyte biology. The meeting happened in Saunders Research Building and included a poster session as well as a few sets of presentations by researchers coming from different institutions across the United States. We had the pleasure to contribute towards this very informative event and learn more about new discoveries and innovations in the field.

by Priscila Passerotti

SPOOKY SCIENCE DAY (26th October, 2019)

Spooky Science Day, hosted by the Society of Physics Students on October 26, was a fun time for all ages. Many young families  in a variety of creative costumes showed up to our BMES table, where they enjoyed learning how blood flows through the heart with our  interactive model. The themed candy was also a hit among the kids, and many struggled to decide between gummy brains, feet, or eyeballs. Other tables staffed by undergraduate organizations included demonstrations of electrical phenomena, building with marshmallows, and creating slime.

by Amanda Adams

Super September

ACTIVITIES FAIR (August 30th, 2019) 

The activities fair was not only a blast, but a huge success. We all showed up to our shifts in front of Wilson Commons (we had a great table, by the way) and got plenty of first-years and even upperclassmen sign up to receive our emails, which means a lot of people are interested in BMES! I, as well as some other E-board members, had a great time getting to know some of the first-year and other undergraduate BME students, and are really excited for what this means about the near future of BMES.

by Alexander Rivera 


BMEs had a general interest meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd in Goergen 101. New members to the club were introduced to the executive board and they learned about what kind of events BMEs holds throughout the semester, Including the picnic, study breaks, and professional events.  Pizza and drinks were served.

by Caroline Stockwell

LINKEDIN WORKSHOP (September 18th, 2019)

On September 18th, Dr. Amy Learner led an advisory LinkedIn workshop for UR students. Throughout the hour, she explained effective techniques for navigating through LinkedIn and answered questions students had about how to connect with alumni, companies, and opportunities. During the workshop, Dr. Learner led us through her personal experiences and connections and explained how we can utilize LinkedIn to make meaningful connections and keep our profiles as useful to employers as possible. Overall, the workshop was a very insightful and informative experience.

by Riya Shah

BMES PICNIC (September 20th, 2019) 

The BMES Picnic held on 20th September, 2019 was fantastic! I got a chance to talk to people, make new friends in BME and receive some great advice from upperclassmen. The food was amazing and I will definitely come to the BBQ next year!

by Tracy Le


BMES tabled at the Employer/Student Diversity Reception on 23rd September, 2019. This event was held preceding the Fall Career Expo to give student organizations a chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities to various companies. The twist was that companies came to our table to talk to us, instead of us reaching out to them! We had organizations like the Peace Corps and other great companies come up to us. We got to learn a lot by conversing with the recruiters and got a chance to put our name out there! Overall, I think it was a very successful event and I am looking forward to it next year! (The food was great by the way!)

by Reshul Narhari

BMES MENTORING GAME NIGHT (September 27th, 2019)

BMES mentoring program is on! The first event this semester was in form of a game night and took place Sep.27th in Wilson Commons 507. Students had a great time during the event: about 20 mentors and mentees showed up in total and had fun with the Monopoly and UNO during the event. Mentees came with questions and were able to leave with their questions answered by upperclassmen present at the time.

by Ruyi Li


A very spirited event involving lots of first-years and upperclassman, the Explore Engineering Event was extremely fun. Incoming engineering students were invited to meet and greet with upperclassmen from many disciplines, including biomedical, chemical, mechanical, and optical engineering. Many students filled out the bingo sheet of fun facts and won themselves a free t-shirt!


The Academia vs. Industry panel was a great success! A panel of 6 professionals, including the BME department’s very own Dr. Brown and Dr. Maddox, shared their insight on deciding if they wanted to work in a lab or if they wanted to work outside of that. Roughly 60 people attended, coming from chemical, mechanical, and biomedical engineering disciplines. Thanks to its success, this will probably be a yearly event, so look for it in next year in the Fall of 2020!

Abloom April

Family Science Day

Science experiments? Innovative designs? Young, curious minds? Yes, it’s Family Science Day! The University of Rochester’s annual ‘Family Science Day’ was held on 20th April 2019 this year in Rettner Hall. About 20 student groups, including EWB, SWE, UR Robotics and of course BMES, were present with mind-blowing projects. We had a heart model which depicted the path blood took through the different parts of the heart. For those who were interested, we gave them a worksheet in which they had to label all the parts of the heart and if they got all correct, they won a brain-shaped stress ball! So many kids were fascinated by the heart model and how it works. Many even took the quiz at the end and got all correct. By the time we had to leave, we ran out of all stress balls! Oh, and did I mention there were delicious food and drinks served by Wegman’s? It was a great time and I can’t wait for it next year!

by Reshul Narhari

March Mania

RES Explorer

On Thursday, March 21st, Joe, Lauren, and I conducted a very successful presentation in front of a group of high school students. The audience was an assortment of freshmen to seniors, as well as some parents. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce to the students the idea of biomedical engineering and give them some insight into the premise of the program, as well as a basic understanding of the academics of the field. Our presentation was a relatively standard one, with slides and a demonstration. The students seemed to react much more actively to the demonstration portion of the presentation, in which we showed them the use of the bicep model lab from BME 101. Getting to see hands-on the practicality of BME in everyday life resonated with the students. At the end of the presentation, we all shook hands and received very kind words from both the coordinator of the program and from the parents. I think Lauren and Joe would agree with me when I say we’d be happy to do it again in the future.

by Alexander Rivera

BMES Mentoring Event

BMES had another successful mentoring event on Tuesday, March 19th in Goergen Atrium. This event focused on pre-registration, and mentees were able to get advice from junior and senior BME mentors on which classes to take and how to fit everything into their busy schedule before meeting with their advisors. Pizza and soda were served!

by Caroline Stockwell

BMES Spring 2019 Engineering Social

The Spring 2019 Engineering Social (E-Social) was held on Mar. 29th in Rettner. This semester, the E-Social included different stations held by various engineering student associations including EWB, BMES, ASME, Robotics, and UR Makers. The BMES station organized a paper tearing activity for incoming students. This involved thinking of strategies to tear paper into its maximum length and perform it. The final paper tearing product hung from the second and even the third floor of Rettner and dropped all the way to the first floor. Eventually the longest one and the most artistic one was identified. Everyone had fun during the event. So did I!

by Lauren Li