Super September

ACTIVITIES FAIR (August 30th, 2019) 

The activities fair was not only a blast, but a huge success. We all showed up to our shifts in front of Wilson Commons (we had a great table, by the way) and got plenty of first-years and even upperclassmen sign up to receive our emails, which means a lot of people are interested in BMES! I, as well as some other E-board members, had a great time getting to know some of the first-year and other undergraduate BME students, and are really excited for what this means about the near future of BMES.

by Alexander Rivera 


BMEs had a general interest meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd in Goergen 101. New members to the club were introduced to the executive board and they learned about what kind of events BMEs holds throughout the semester, Including the picnic, study breaks, and professional events.  Pizza and drinks were served.

by Caroline Stockwell

LINKEDIN WORKSHOP (September 18th, 2019)

On September 18th, Dr. Amy Learner led an advisory LinkedIn workshop for UR students. Throughout the hour, she explained effective techniques for navigating through LinkedIn and answered questions students had about how to connect with alumni, companies, and opportunities. During the workshop, Dr. Learner led us through her personal experiences and connections and explained how we can utilize LinkedIn to make meaningful connections and keep our profiles as useful to employers as possible. Overall, the workshop was a very insightful and informative experience.

by Riya Shah

BMES PICNIC (September 20th, 2019) 

The BMES Picnic held on 20th September, 2019 was fantastic! I got a chance to talk to people, make new friends in BME and receive some great advice from upperclassmen. The food was amazing and I will definitely come to the BBQ next year!

by Tracy Le


BMES tabled at the Employer/Student Diversity Reception on 23rd September, 2019. This event was held preceding the Fall Career Expo to give student organizations a chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities to various companies. The twist was that companies came to our table to talk to us, instead of us reaching out to them! We had organizations like the Peace Corps and other great companies come up to us. We got to learn a lot by conversing with the recruiters and got a chance to put our name out there! Overall, I think it was a very successful event and I am looking forward to it next year! (The food was great by the way!)

by Reshul Narhari

BMES MENTORING GAME NIGHT (September 27th, 2019)

BMES mentoring program is on! The first event this semester was in form of a game night and took place Sep.27th in Wilson Commons 507. Students had a great time during the event: about 20 mentors and mentees showed up in total and had fun with the Monopoly and UNO during the event. Mentees came with questions and were able to leave with their questions answered by upperclassmen present at the time.

by Ruyi Li


A very spirited event involving lots of first-years and upperclassman, the Explore Engineering Event was extremely fun. Incoming engineering students were invited to meet and greet with upperclassmen from many disciplines, including biomedical, chemical, mechanical, and optical engineering. Many students filled out the bingo sheet of fun facts and won themselves a free t-shirt!


The Academia vs. Industry panel was a great success! A panel of 6 professionals, including the BME department’s very own Dr. Brown and Dr. Maddox, shared their insight on deciding if they wanted to work in a lab or if they wanted to work outside of that. Roughly 60 people attended, coming from chemical, mechanical, and biomedical engineering disciplines. Thanks to its success, this will probably be a yearly event, so look for it in next year in the Fall of 2020!

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