Outstanding October

LinkedIn Panel (October 6th, 2020)

On Tuesday, October 6th, BMES held a LinkedIn Panel via Zoom. The event was essentially LinkedIn 101 – how to use it, when to use it, etc. Firstly, Laura Jones from the Career Center gave a short presentation on networking and how to make a good profile, detailing the do’s and don’ts. She showed a short video, explaining how to use LinkedIn to communicate with associates and peers. Following Laura’s presentation, Dr. Gdowski of the BME department explained networking in greater detail, specifically how to use LinkedIn to that end. Gdowski showed a few example LinkedIn accounts (including his own and Laura’s), and discussed the many specificities and nuances that separate a good LinkedIn profile from a great one. The event was great, and I feel as though I have a much better understanding of LinkedIn, and I now know that my profile definitely needs some work.

By: Alexander Rivera


BMES GIM (September 8, 2020)

The General Interest Meeting took place on September 8th in virtual format. Even with the new format, everything worked out perfectly – BMES had a very large meeting with more than 20 new members. We spent time sharing our missions and how each of us caught our interest in BME. It was really great to meet new people and introduce to them how we play our roles in contributing to UofR BMES and the BMES Chapter in general. We hope our GIM was enjoying to each of you as it was to us and we would be looking forward to seeing you in our next meeting. Stay safe!     

by Duy Doan

Graduate School Panel (September 10, 2020)

The Graduate School Panel, hosted by Department of Biomedical Engineering and BMES, took place Sep.10th, 2020. This panel was completely virtual this year but was very successful.

The panel started by Professor Learner included Professor Maddox talking about the graduate and PhD programs and differences between them. This year, we also had additional BME alumni and graduate students from UR attend the panel as well. They shared a lot of information and insight into choosing appropriate graduate programs. Great questions were asked and answered at the end of the panel and students found this event very helpful.

P.S. For those that are interested but weren’t able to attend the panel, recordings of this panel will be posted on our website soon.

 by Lauren (Ruyi) Li

Internship Panel (September 22, 2020)

The Biomedical Engineering Society’s Internship Panel took place on September 22, 2020 via Zoom. There were several seniors who shared their experiences with internships either through the university with the REU program, or by finding their own with local companies. Many students asked questions regarding how to go about applications, what companies they had positive experiences with, and other helpful information. Career advisor Dave Cota-Buckhout also attended to offer information about the resources available through the Greene Center for finding internships. The internship panel was helpful and enjoyable to aspiring students and BMES hopes to continue to offer it for students in the future.

By Anna Hazelwood

Q&A Panel (September 25, 2020)

The BME Q&A session was held on September 25th with three panelists: Ignacio Rodriguez from the sophomore class, Lam Nguyen (Medical Optics concentration) from the junior class, and Mohammed Abumuaileq (Biosignals and Systems concentration) from the senior class. The panelists gave a brief introduction about themselves and their experiences in BME. Then, questions were asked about their favorite classes, their research experience, how to decide on concentrations, how to make the best out of the BME major, and more. Overall the panel offered helpful and informative insight for our BME students.

By: Lam Nguyen

A Message From Dr. Judy Principe

Happy Wednesday to you all and welcome back to Rochester. It’s time for our BME Faculty Features.
It is Judy Principe, our graduate/program coordinator for the Center of Medical Technology and Innovation (CMTI), which resides in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The CMTI is a specialized one year masters degree program that focuses on the creation of a device design.
Having been working 8 years in the position, Judy has some advice for students with most of the learning being online this year. She also shares some photos of her family that captured the true Meliora spirit.
“For the students, my advice would be that they are making history by being a class that went through the ever changing COVID experience, and you should be proud of all you are accomplishing during these challenging times. You are our future, and you will make a positive difference!”
-Judy Principe

A Message from Dr. Kanika Vats

Happy Monday to you all, it’s time for Week #2 of our Professors Feature! Any guesses as to who it is?

It’s Dr. Kanika Vats! We are very thankful to her and her family for sharing their positivity and well wishes with us. They definitely captured the true Meliora spirit in this *adorable* photo! Here’s Dr. Vats’ message to our community:

“Dear BME students- A big hello from myself, my three kids, and my dog, Trooper. My boys wanted to paint messages for you all, so here you go ! As we make the best of these unprecedented difficult times, I would encourage you all to take good care of your physical as well as emotional health. It’s important to stay positive when times are tough ! Do keep working hard to meet your BME career goals and don’t forget to let us know if you need any help.

I hope to see you all here on campus very soon !”

-Dr. Kanika Vats

A Message from Dr. Amy Lerner

Wondering what your fellow BME students and professors are up to? Well, wonder no more! BMES will be sharing snippets of people’s experiences throughout the new few weeks, so stay tuned.

To start off our series, we have a message from Dr. Amy Lerner (featuring her adorable dog, Della) for all of you!

“Hi everyone! I’m lucky to be sharing a home office with my dog, Della Bear. Some of you may hear her bark during class or meetings! (She’s very sweet most of the time, but likes to say hello to the mailman, who brings her a treat every day!) I know that some of you are really having a tougher time than Della and me, so don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we can help! I’m so proud to be playing a role in preparing great biomedical engineers for the next big healthcare challenge!”

Thank you, Dr. Lerner, for the uplifting message and your continued support!

Minutes 01.27.2020

BME Summer Internship Talk

Medical Device Development at DELSYS

Feb 7th, 7-9:30pm, May room
Dinner with EWB

We will be celebrating EWB’s 10th year on campus along with celebrating our work done in Don Juan as it finishes up and talk about our plans for a new international project.

This event will feature catering by El Latino with a choice of either a beef stew or steamed vegetables entree, empanadas with beef and cheese or vegetarian empanadas, with flan as dessert. We will also have various musical performances at the event and a speaker.

Outrageous October

DR WAUGH’S RED CELL CONFERENCE (October 11th, 2019) 

On October 11th, 2019, various members of BMES had the opportunity to volunteer at the Red Cell Conference, a meeting that fosters the exchange of novel research information about various aspects of erythrocyte biology. The meeting happened in Saunders Research Building and included a poster session as well as a few sets of presentations by researchers coming from different institutions across the United States. We had the pleasure to contribute towards this very informative event and learn more about new discoveries and innovations in the field.

by Priscila Passerotti

SPOOKY SCIENCE DAY (26th October, 2019)

Spooky Science Day, hosted by the Society of Physics Students on October 26, was a fun time for all ages. Many young families  in a variety of creative costumes showed up to our BMES table, where they enjoyed learning how blood flows through the heart with our  interactive model. The themed candy was also a hit among the kids, and many struggled to decide between gummy brains, feet, or eyeballs. Other tables staffed by undergraduate organizations included demonstrations of electrical phenomena, building with marshmallows, and creating slime.

by Amanda Adams

Minutes 12.02.2019

Hi Everyone!
Our next mentoring event will be on Tuesday, December 3rd from 8:30-9:40 am in Goergen Atrium! Starbucks coffee and Wegmans muffins will be served!  We will be focusing on the BME 101 poster session which will be this Friday. First years will be able to get valuable advice on the poster presentation from the upperclassmen who have been through it before.

Sophomore mentees, you can be mentors on this topic too! You can also come with questions about classes, summer research etc.

You do not need to stay for the whole event, and you can stop by on your way to class! This is a great way to get your end of semester questions answered or help out younger students who are having college finals and big projects for the first time. Hope to see you all there!

Minutes 11.18.2019

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Undergraduate mentees:


Boar’s head dinner

BMES will have a table for Boar’s head dinner, with Dr Gdwoski and his wife being our faculty guest. PLease come join us! Tickets go on sale Nov 22nd only.

Coffee mentoring social for BMES undergraduate mentorship program

Tuesday Dec 3rd 8:30-9:40am, Goergen Atrium

Coffee and muffins provided. First years come and get feedback and mentorship on the posters you are presenting that friday!

TBP Weekly Tutoring Session

Sundays 1-3pm, Dewey 2110E

Come and get help on your engineering classes!

Peer advising OH
Tuesday 6-8pm 10/29
Monday 1-2pm 11/04
First floor of Carlson library