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Mission Statement


The goal of Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is to promote the profession of biomedical engineering through the organized effort of this group in study, research, and discussion of the fields of biomedical engineering and the dissemination of knowledge thereby gained. BMES encourages student interaction and collaboration and allows the students to come together under a common banner. The Vision of the BMES is to serve as the lead society and professional home for biomedical engineering by:

•Fostering translation of biomedical engineering and technology to industrial and clinical applications through enhancing interactions with industry and clinical medicine.

•Holding top-quality scientific meetings and publishing newsletters informing students about local and national biomedical engineering pursuits and functions.

•Promoting the education, diversity, and professionalism of the next generation of biomedical engineers, providing guidance for their career paths.

•Enhancing the impact of biomedical engineering on economy and human health and maximizing the performance of the discipline through


Congratulations to the University of Rochester Student BMES Chapter who was awarded the '2009 Annual BMES Student Chapter Meritorious Achievement Award' and '2010 Annual BMES Student Chapter Commendable Achievement Award'!!!