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Family Science Day

Science experiments? Innovative designs? Young, curious minds? Yes, it’s Family Science Day! The University of Rochester’s annual ‘Family Science Day’ was held on 20th April 2019 this year in Rettner Hall. About 20 student groups, including EWB, SWE, UR Robotics and of course BMES, were present with mind-blowing projects. We had a heart model which depicted the path blood took through the different parts of the heart. For those who were interested, we gave them a worksheet in which they had to label all the parts of the heart and if they got all correct, they won a brain-shaped stress ball! So many kids were fascinated by the heart model and how it works. Many even took the quiz at the end and got all correct. By the time we had to leave, we ran out of all stress balls! Oh, and did I mention there were delicious food and drinks served by Wegman’s? It was a great time and I can’t wait for it next year!

by Reshul Narhari

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