Minutes 2/16/15

CHECK BMES OUT on Social Media:
feeds will be added to website/facebook
->>follow us!
BME Banquet: April 10th
-invitations sent to Professors
-advertisement for banquet can go in next newsletter
-cake, soda, ice, and flowers picked up the day of
-need center pieces, table clothes
-advertisements last week in March
-Facebook event
-online and paper sign ups
-pay with declining or cash
-awards: gag gifts! – update spreadsheet!
-senior superlatives google form
Review RIT Social: BMES, AiCHE, ESW Thurs 2/12
-only 4 of BMES people
-maybe 15 to 20 people total
-wasn’t mingling well
E-Social: Friday, March 27th
-will be in Goergen Hall
-need cheaper catering options – possibly pelligrinos
-exceptions with pizza
-Every Other Sunday at 4 PM
-12-1:30 on Wednesday in Goergen Atrium – come get your tanktops.
–Quarter Zips: saw fully fleece ones, but want to look into sweatshirt type
-can be printed instead of embroidered
-under $35
-reserved tables for MondayFriday March 2nd to 6th– if we could get the quarter zips by then…
Mentoring Program:
Wednesday, March 4th 6:30 Insomnia Cookies (theme?)
Wednesday, April 8th 6:30 (tentative)
-not pairing people up specifically until after meeting
-contract with responsibilities
-holding general meeting – monthly?
Social Events:
-super smash bros game night – Wednesday March 4th 7 PM
-in Goergen 108 or 101 – not sure if the gaming system can be hooked up to the projectors – does it work? Justin please email Emily
-pie a professor
-fire side chats with professors
-bowling social – A Sunday – get x number of lanes
Academic Events
-Vaccinex tour: 5 person tours (place is not that large)
-Upstate Stem Cell cGMP
-EVENT: Out on a Limb Screening and discussion with speakers
-move to after spring break
-ESW Cosponsor – professor seminars
-Matt Spielman/ SA is interested in showing academic movies
NEWSLETTER: Articles to Sophie (xzhang73@u.rochester.edu) – March 2nd due. -Email out during Spring Break
-mentoring events – Mary
-Rochester Explorer Post (Event for Children) – Kelly
-RIT social –
-Advertisment for banquet – Janet
-possible academic event
-senior design stuff?
-interview Professor Brown on 101 – Janet and Sophie
-Click “Assessment” in the list, log onto CCC (make sure to SUBMIT the form)
Rochester Explorer Post (Event for Children)
-Matt Spielman is primary contact
-email Spielman if it’s been more than a month
1) On Campus tutoring/volunteering
-NSBE Study Hall Tuesdays—7-10 PM
-2/10 – PHY 121 focused
2) BMEs are not taking advantage of internship/job opportunities
-Dr. Lerner could go through list
-will ask when they can get this together by
-we can host
3) FoodLink – schedule 3 evenly spaced days for Foodlin – got March 21st and April 18th from 9-12pm. Afternoon shifts are only on weekdays.
4) STEM Family Science Day (April 18th)  – ECG, doppler
5) looking into School 19(which is a STEM Academy), School 23 (which has an extended learning day because ‘College is their Compass’), and the following schools are close by: 2, 10, and 12
March 16 BMES Elections: 
President – if running, must email Stephanie a platform
Vice President
Business Manager
Social Chair
Mentoring Chairs (Co Chairs)
Outreach Chair
Publicity Chair
Website/Social Media Chair
Newsletter Chair
Fundraising Chair
Weekly Meetings every Monday at 8 PM in Goergen 239.
Questions? Email Emily at ekwan@u.rochester.edu

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