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Shop Spaces

Pre ~2005

The Baja Shop was originally located in the old River Campus Machine Shop building that was demolished in 2005 to make space for the Georgen BME building.


When the previous River Campus Machine Shop Building was demolished in 2005, the Baja team was moved to Gavett 146B and 146A, which was likely previously occupied by Facilities or ME lab space. With access on the SW corner of Gavett via double doors, 145B was approximately 20' x 19'6", containing a sink with an emergency eyewash station and a large electrical junction box. A side room off of the main shop space, 146A was approximately 18' x 7'6", containing an HVAC system. 146A was used to store parts, stock, and was also a shop office with a computer.


Kim Heng acted as Shop Manager and Welder.


Wesley Clawson, at the time Vice President, worked actively to increase team space. Along with the acquisition of new design space, he worked with Jill Morris towards the expansion of the shop into Gavett 146, unused lab space under the control of the ME department.

In late 2012, General Motors downsized and moved its Fuel Cells division from Honeoye Falls, NY to Michigan. Alumn Patrick Lewis, coordinated the donation of three blue Lyon toolboxes 2 brown Kennedy toolboxes, filled with hand and machining tools in excess of $15,000. The team was granted temporary use of the space immediately inside Gavett 146 to store this new equipment. Near the end of the year, the team's TIG welder started to occasionally malfunction. Upon consultation with Mahany Welding Supply, it was deemed irreparable.


In 2013, Chief Mechanic James Powers began a campaign to expand the shop space due to overcrowding safety concerns. Two lab benches, two wood benches, and two cabinets were obtained over the summer. In September, Berto Perez and James worked to dismantle an old wind tunnel in Gavett 146. Shortly after, the team moved into the ~ 20' x 35' space, effectively doubling the team work space. In addition to the newly acquired benches, work surfaces along the far wall allowed each Design Team to maintain a small dedicated work area in the shop.

Jim Zavislan, newly appointed Associate Dean, worked with the team to prioritize what the team needed long term.

Mark Englerth assisted the team with shop improvements. The fume hood in 146 was repaired, as well as lighting and heating.


In mid-September, the team was notified of relocation to Gavett 113 by Paul Spaulding. James quickly submitted shop requirements and drafted floor plans. The new room was a reduction in floor space by over 33% (~19' x 43'). A new CS professor, Howard, was to gain the use of Gavett 146, 146A, 146B, and 147 in the Spring as lab space to conduct research with autonomous flying robots. A university project manager, James (Jim) Carty, held a meeting with Spaulding, Powers, Gracewski, safety person 1, and safety person 2. Chemical storage, fire, and safety (OSHA) issues, as well as other team needs were discussed with the intent to resolve these in the relocation. The previous occupants, Alan of Facilities, was given the month of October to relocate his shop to an undisclosed location.

Three Miller auto-darkening welding helmets were purchased in October.

Design Space


In 2012, Jill Morris granted the team an office off of Hopeman 06A. SA funds were used to purchase three workstations.


Consistent use of this space began in the 2013-14 season. A couch and filing cabinets were added.


A microwave and mini-fridge were added over the summer, prompting a rearrangement. Two ASUS 27" monitors were purchased with a $200 matched donation by University IT.