Care and Feeding of New Members

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Fall Club Fair

Spring Club Fair

(fill in how many have signed up in previous years, roughly how many showed up to general interest meetings, how many to midnight mayhem, and how many became committed members so we can document how things are going and what works and what doesn't)

New Members

Some basic principles:

  • Most (80-90%) of new members come in because they want to learn how to make stuff
  • Most (60-70%) have no prior baja applicable experience.

Thus, they don’t know enough about baja or cars or how things are designed or made to say what they are interested in learning.

Integration of New Members

This makes Midnight Mayhem ideal because they get exposure and hands-on experience right off the bat. That said, because there is usually only one or two major things wrong with the cars, that severely limits the amount of people who can work on the car at the same time. Thus if these bottlenecks arise its important for the experienced member overseeing the midnight mayhem car to divert members who have had more hands on time with the mayhem car to another project so that those standing by can get more hands on with an actual car.