This past spring, the UR Baja Team said goodbye to 3 graduating seniors: Loren McDonald, Noah Meyers, and Charles Patterson. Each of these members dedicated a large portion of their time to the team during their time at here at U of R. Here is a little bit about what they are up to now!

Loren McDonald served as the team’s Business Manager (2017-2018), President (2018-2019), and Chief Engineer (2019-2020) during his three years on the UR Baja team. He is currently working towards a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University. He is completing classes remotely and is working part time at Mega Fluid Systems as a Manufacturing Engineer. We wish him the best of luck as he works towards completing his degree!

Noah Meyers spent two years as the Suspension Lead (2017-2019) during his four years on the team at U of R. He is currently working as a Mechanical Design Engineer at KLA in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he is helping establish a center of excellence for vacuum technologies. We wish Noah the best of luck at his new job!

Charlie Patterson, during his four years on the team, served as the team’s President (2017-2018) and Drivetrain Lead (2018-2019), is currently working towards a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering through the Center for Medical Technology and Innovation at University of Rochester. He is also continuing his time on Baja as a graduate student and serving as the team’s Chief Welder. We are lucky to have Charlie on the team for a fifth year while he completes his degree!