By: Madeline Bedrock (Mechanical Engineering, ’21)

This year, the team graduated four seniors: Kaven Marte, Rebeca Toro Garza, Marial Lara-Gutierrez, and Dylan Borruso. All these members dedicated huge amounts of time at U of R to Baja and we will miss them greatly this year. Here is a little about what our newly graduated seniors are up to!

Dylan Borruso, an optical engineering major, was on the team for three years at U of R, serving as Chief Mechanic for two of those years. He will soon be moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for L3 Harris Technologies.

“Baja has helped me so much in understanding the design process and the manufacturability of parts.” – Kaven Marte

Kaven Marte, a mechanical engineering major, was on the team for all four years of college and served as the frame project team lead his sophomore year and the chief engineer during his senior year. He has just moved to Raymond, Ohio to work as a design engineer in the upper body division at Honda.

“I met incredible people at Baja that I know will be my friends for life. We are not just a team, but a family!” – Marial Lara-Gutierrez

Marial Lara-Gutierrez, a mechanical engineering major, was a part of the team for all four years of her college career. She served as the usability team lead for both her junior and senior year. She recently moved to Royal Oak, Michigan and we wish her the best in her job search!

“Baja was one of the best experiences of my college career. It helped me meet incredible people and gave me a set of tools that I will be able to use all of my life.” – Rebeca Toro Garza

Rebeca Toro Garza, a mechanical engineering major, was a part of the team all three years that she was at U of R. She served as the frame team lead during her junior year. She is currently in Boston for the summer before she moves to Stanford, California to pursue her PHD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.