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Wiki Access

Anyone with a University of Rochester netid can access the wiki. The first login will create a matching account within the wiki system with read access. Current students should have no problems accessing the wiki. Alumni will need to test their old netid and password to see if they still work. If the id does not work, there isn't much that can be done. As it is currently known (11/22/14), netids will not be reactivated by the school solely for wiki access.

User Rights Management

The current president will have administrative access to the wiki. This access should be granted by the outgoing president during the transition period. The role of administrator allows you to edit the rights of other users.

Edit rights may be granted by going to "Special Pages" on the left sidebar then going to "User Rights Management" under the "Users and Rights" section. You'll need to know people's exact usernames in order to change their privileges which can be found under "User List" again under "Users and Rights" section. You can also see in the user list who has what rights and, more specifically, who is lacking edit rights. Generally "edit" will allow people to do whatever they need to do to edit things on the wiki.

SA Contact

Our contact in the Students Associate for difficulties with the wiki and the Wordpress website is UnivIT Web Help (