SIMCON 45 is occurring March 22-24, 2024! (until further notice)


Lost in Time

Convention Dates

Friday, March 22nd6 pm to 12 am
Saturday, March 23rd10 am to 12 am
Sunday, March 24th10 am to 10 pm


SIMCON 45 will be held in the Frederick Douglass Commons building on the University of Rochester campus. You can also click on a point on the map linked here to find parking.

The SIMCON Registration Desk will be on the second floor outside the Douglass Ballroom. To get to the registration desk from Library Lot walk to the right of the library passed the first set of doors under the blue awning, then turn right before the stairs.

Parking in Library Lot and Intercampus Lot will be free all weekend beginning after 7:00 PM on Friday.  For guests arriving before 7:00 PM, talk to the gate kiosk at the entrance to campus and ask for a single day parking pass.

Ticket Pricing

University of Rochester StudentFree
Weekend Pass$18
Preregistered Weekend Pass$10
Friday Pass$8
Saturday/Sunday Pass$10

We can only accept cash during this era. Anyone under 12 is free! For Non-UR student group rates please contact

Merchandise pricing

Vintage SIMCON T-Shirt$TBD

All purchases must be made during the convention in cash. We currently don’t provide national shipping, international shipping or carrier pigeon

Event Schedule


I must also let you know that there will be themed Board Game times that can be found on our Event Catalog.

For event descriptions and details check out each category of our Catalog (look below). For all event type refer to the list next to this box. If you have any questions about an event reach out to us at

Event Types
Featured Events
Magic: The Gathering Events (MTG)
Board Games Events
RPG Events
Trivia Events


Event NameEvent TypeStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
D&D 5e One-Shot RPG6:30 pm10:30 pmRoom 307
Murder Mystery!Featured7 pm9 pmSide Ballroom
F360 Legacy CubeMTG7 pm11 pmRoom 302
Minecraft Build EventFeatured9 pm11 pmRoom 404
Blood on the ClocktowerBoard Game9 pm12 amRoom 403


Event NameEvent TypeStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
Oviraptor Extinction Board Game10 am4 pmMain Ballroom
D&D Fantasy Tarot ReadingsFeatured10 am11:30 amSide Ballroom
The Curse of Beasts: Survival and Diplomacy at the End of DaysRPG10 am2 pmRoom 308
D&D KahootTrivia11 am12 pmSide Ballroom
Masks: A New Generation One-ShotRPG11 am3 pmRoom 302
To Serve Her Wintry HungerRPG12 pm3 pmRoom 404
Hotel 96 (Savage Worlds Ruleset)RPG12 pm4 pmRoom 407
Character Creation StationFeatured1 pm5 pmMain Ballroom
Uno TournamentBoard Game1 pm4 pmSide Ballroom
Battletech BeatdownTournament1 pm6 pmRoom 401
Wacky/Chaos DraftMTG1 pm5 pmRoom 403
Carrion Crew: An Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) Space Opera AdventureRPG2 pm6 pmRoom 307
Digging for Bones: Exploring the Ruins of HumanityRPG3 pm7 pmRoom 308
Cosplay PanelFeatured4 pm5 pmSide Ballroom
Magic: The Gathering TriviaTrivia5 pm7 pmSide Ballroom
Amid the SwarmBoard Game5 pm9 pmMain Ballroom
Vaesen: Something Wicked RPG4 pm8 pmRoom 302
Call of CthulhuRPG6 pm10 pmRoom 404
Warhammer TriviaTrivia7 pm8 pmSide Ballroom
Avatar Legends One-Shot RPG7 pm11 pmRoom 307
Box DraftMTG7 pm11 pmRoom 401
Mario Kart Wii TournamentTournament7 pm9 pmRoom 407
Warhammer KahootTrivia7 pm8 pmSide Ballroom
Cosplay and Gaming PanelFeatured8 pm9 pmSide Ballroom
Planechase CommanderMTG8 pm11 pmRoom 403
Witch HuntBoard Game9 pm11 pmSide Ballroom


Event NameEvent TypeStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
Ten Candles RPG11 am2 pmRoom 302
Warhammer Ancients 2000 pt tournamentTournament11 am6 pmRoom 401
Land CubeMTG12 pm4 pmRoom 403
Munchkin BonanzaBoard Game1 pm4 pmMain Ballroom
UR AIF Anime ShowingFeatured1 pm5 pmRoom 407
Agon One-Shot RPG2 pm6 pmRoom 404
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate TournamentTournament3 pm6 pmSide Ballroom
Companions’ Tale One-Shot RPG3 pm6 pmRoom 308
D&D 5e One-ShotRPG3 pm7 pmRoom 307
Pioneer Tournament Tournament4 pm 7 pmRoom 302
TTRPG KahootTrivia8 pm9 pmSide Ballroom
Blood on the ClocktowerBoard Game7 pm10 pmRoom 403

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because wowza is that a lot of cool events. I,, cannot wait to go to MTG Trivia

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