SIMCON 45 has ended, check back in the winter for information about SIMCON 46, coming Spring 2025!


Time Travel!


Come down to Feldman Ballroom as the doors are open. 300+ Board Games for you to play, vendors for you to peruse and events to explore!

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Check out what events you want to attend. Over 50 events to choose from!

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Convention Dates

Friday, March 22nd6 pm to 12 am
Saturday, March 23rd10 am to 12 am
Sunday, March 24th10 am to 10 pm


SIMCON 45 will be held in the Frederick Douglass Commons building on the University of Rochester campus. You can also click on a point on the map linked here to find parking.

The SIMCON Registration Desk will be on the second floor outside the Douglass Ballroom. To get to the registration desk from Library Lot walk to the right of the library passed the first set of doors under the blue awning, then turn right before the stairs.

Parking in Library Lot and Intercampus Lot will be free all weekend beginning after 7:00 PM on Friday.  For guests arriving before 7:00 PM, talk to the gate kiosk at the entrance to campus and ask for a single day parking pass.

Ticket Pricing

University of Rochester StudentFree
Weekend Pass$18
Preregistered Weekend Pass$10
Friday Pass$8
Saturday or Sunday Pass$10

Anyone under 12 is free!

Merchandise pricing

SIMCON 45 T-Shirt$20
Vintage SIMCON T-Shirt$15
1 SIMCON Die$3
3 SIMCON Dice$5

All purchases must be made during the convention in cash. We currently don’t provide national shipping, international shipping or carrier pigeon

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