Minutes from 10/27/14

CONCENTRATION PANEL: Tuesday October 28th 8-9 PM Goergen 109

For Sophomores (and Freshman) to help them pick a concentration
-1 sheet pizza (Nuley)
-Goergen 109 (Emily -Book)
-Stephanie (biomechanics)
-Justin & Jenny Park (cell and Tissue)
-Jon Macoskey & Emma Gira (Signals)
-Emmanuel (optics)
-FLYER for Concentration panel
-Send out an email now!

RETINAL CROWN: Dodgeball Game between BME & Optics
-Sunday, November 9th 2-4 PM (date has changed)
-have sign ups in Mid October
-need release forms
-confirm if MERT is reserved with Jojo
-Trophy/plate will be ordered by end of week
-will have pizza afterwards
-Justin make a flyer, share with optics
-send an email out with a sign up form, send out by end of week

-Click “Assessment” in the list, log onto CCC (make sure to SUBMIT the form)
-101: Justin
-picnic: Janet
-alumni panel: Stephanie
-laser tag: Janet
-mentoring event: Caeli and Mary
-Matt Spielman is primary contact

E-SOCIAL (Engineering Social) Friday, Oct 31st 2:30-5 PM
-Engineering groups are all co-sponsoring
-ASME Pumpkin Launch (3-5)
-food will be in Retner, events outside Wilson Commons
-tables & chairs AND event support is booked!
-speakers for inside/outside: Kelly will make spotify Music playlist share with Sergio/Stephanie. Get Stephanie’s Computer to set up!
-ask about fabrication lab space for NSBE Pumpkin Carving – still pending
-posters are coming

-checking with Taimi to see if we can get funding to purchase equipment
-Nov. 21st Family Science Day: Friday? details to come.

-info from conference
-industry and alumni E-mentoring
-set up by next semester
-talk to Lerner about alumni list
-mentoring workshop: mentors are taught how to mentor!
-have crafts/games/activities for mentors/mentees
-send questions to mentors/mentees to ask
-November 13th, 2014: 11-12-Graduate, 5-6 PM-Undergraduate
-game night/trivia night? Tenatively Wednesday Dec 3rd 7 PM.

DINNER WITH RIT: BME & AiChE & ESW (6 clubs!)
-Thursday, 7-9 Nov. 6th
-MacGregors night!
-sign up: https://docs.google.com/a/u.rochester.edu/forms/d/1yz7Kupd3R7cDLAt9asLqCAX35xjSolKEy_Wdj68TvN4/viewform
-will confirm details next week!

Food Link
-Wednesday 1 AM – freshman will be available
-Thursday 9 AM
-Friday 9 AM
-will pick a date in next two weeks

NEWSLETTER: Articles to Sophie (xzhang73@u.rochester.edu) by TODAY, Monday October 27th
-Newsletter sent out by first week of Nov.
-Picnic (Janet)
-Panel & Froyo/Mentoring Social (Elizabeth S)
-Physics 101 (Ariel L)
-Conference (Emily)
-Alumni Panel (Kelly)
-Pie Eating Contest (Caeli)
-Letter from the President (Stephanie)
-Laser Tag (Janet)
-examples of articles: http://sa.rochester.edu/bmes/category/newsletters/

-tanktop design is selected
-Blue shirt with white text
-confirm with Waugh
-inventory check: blankets and shot glasses may be running low (Kelly & Raul)
-have physical sign up sheets: 1 per class + 1 in BME office
-put picture of shirt on form

BME graduates visiting:
-during week of Nov. 17th
-UDEL Grad students
-will be advertising graduate program
-more details to come!

Weekly Meetings every Monday at 8 PM in Goergen 239.
Questions? Email Emily at ekwan@u.rochester.edu