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This article is now Deprecated[edit]

Please refer to Custom File Locations.

Installing the template[edit]

  1. Be sure you know where SolidWorks PDM is saving files.
  2. In PDM, open "Baja General Files." Then open "Templates." Select both "MOD-BAJA-DRWDOT.drwdot" and "title block.drwprp" before right-clicking and selecting "Open > Check-out Document..." Uncheck "Open now" and select "Open > Check out."
  3. Select Tools > Options. In the "System Options" tab, select "File Locations" from the left-hand pane. Show folders for "Document Templates." Click "Add" and select the folder from Step 1.
  4. Repeat step 3 for "Custom Property Files" and "Sheet Formats." You may need to remove the previous folder before adding the PDM Folder.

It may prove necessary to also do the following step[edit]

  1. Under Tools > Options, go to Default Templates under System Options
  2. Select "Prompt user to select document template." Press OK.

Editing the template[edit]

Only a member of the Design or Executive Boards should edit the template.

After editing a template already in use, email the team and tell them to check out the new version from PDM.