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Design Journal/Notebook

The goal of the Design Journal/Notebook is to be a place to document all ideas, calculations, simulations, decisions, and designs as they are happening. It's purpose is to be the go-to document for creating a Independent Study Design Report and if through and organized well can be converted to the Independent Study Design Report with only minor editing.


  • Goal section
    • Start with things that we want to improve on last years car (i.e. everything that broke, gave us trouble, or cost us points (like a lack of design binder) things that would give us the most improvements with the least work. Should include quantitative data of starting point
    • Ex. Suspension goals: fully eliminate bump steer in front and rear, have geometry that doesn’t max out rod end operating specs, integrate vehicle data (from electronics) into design and tuning process, shorten wheelbase, make control arms symmetrical from left to right
  • Brainstorm section:
    • Ideas on how to achieve these goals and pro and cons of each, separated and grouped by which goal they are addressing
    • Ex. Suspension: to eliminate bump steer switch to a-arm/h-arm in rear
  • Decision section
    • Decision matrix (use as many quantitative variables as possible)
    • (need example here)
  • Implementation section
    • Document all changes and why whenever a new version of part is checked in
    • include all calculations or analysis that are done to test, validate or gain insights
    • there are programs that turn excel equations to nice looking equations
      • (list programs here)
    • Don’t stop journalling when manufacturing begins, include notes about how it goes and suggestions for next year
  • Evaluation section
    • Evaluation of goals, measure goals on car

Independent Study Design Report

The goal of the Independent Design Report, in addition to providing technical writing experience is to serve as summary of the project team's design work for that year and should all ideas, calculations, simulations, decisions, and designs in a clean and logical format. It's purpose is to be the go-to document for future year and provide material creating an Competition Design Report.


Competition Design Report