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Website Change Log

12/19/08 Fixed autogenerating calendar. Added to top of home page. Added calendar information page. Calendar is automatically updated whenever add, delete, or modify a movie. Contains all movies from the beginning of the semester until the end of time.
10/22/08 Fixed image uploading. Can correctly upload images with movies again.
9/18/08 Fixed TM email reminder system. Now it will send out a warning email if no TMs are set. Also made it so that if no poster image can be found, none will be displayed (instead of displaying a warning image).
8/31/08 Allowed selection of person to copy for TM reminder emails (see website preferences). Added an "About the Website" section (see link at the bottom of the page).
8/28/08 Changed header image. Much better! Now its actually relevent to URCG.
8/14/08 Added webmaster page with information for the webmaster. Seen on the executive site only. Also added website settings which stores the contact information to be displayed on the advertise page and cosponsorship pages as viewed at the top of the site. This can't be stored with the executive board because of how the database is laid out. Sorry!
8/11/08 Changed the schedule page so that it contains a dropdown box with all available years with movie data. Note that for each year it creates a fall and spring semester option even if there is only data for one of the semesters. This was easier to code. Also, instead of displaying the current date, it will display the last edited movie date in the schedule (e.g. if 23 movies were last updated on 8/1 and one movie was last updated on 8/3, then it would display 8/3. This will make it easier for people to see what has changed.
7/29/08 Changed club page so that it displays the currently active TMs. Also added functionality so that the website can store all of the past exec boards, and can show them all on the website. Check the club page: you can view any year that has been entered. (And it displays the current executive board). There is a new admin function: Manage Executive Board. Pretty straightforward!
7/28/08 Fixed some bugs with the survey system. Created icons for the survey management section. Added link to survey when open on mangement page. Added edit functionality. Fixed poster image display.
7/27/08 Merged old survey system into new site. Allows for addition of movies, deletion of movies from the survey. Now survey can be turned off and on easily. Similarly, there is a protection phrase to prevent accidental deletion of all survey responses. Also allows you to view the results in a easy view. Now the survey saves IP addresses and timestamps. It sorts the responses by the time they are saved, newest first. (The IP address is viewable if you right click on the results page and click view source). The movie ratings are also displayed alphabetically now.
7/23/08 Moved admin section to reside inside /admin/ instead of having all of the files in the main directory.
3/12/08 Added changelog, ability to save TMs (and manage with deletion, addition, modification, reactivation).


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