SIMCON is the longest-running gaming convention in Western New York State! Proudly student-run by the University of Rochester Simulation Gaming Association. We’re an annual gaming convention held at the University of Rochester. Our goal is to provide a weekend-long opportunity for gamers of all genres: board gaming, war gaming, tabletop role-playing, collectible card gaming, miniature gaming, etc., to get together and enjoy their hobbies. SIMCON features local vendors as well as special guests from all over.  We hope to see you there!

The dates for SIMCON 43 are Friday, March 25th through Sunday, March 27th, 2022.

For questions regarding SIMCON, event registration, vendors, or anything else please contact us at simulation.gaming.convention@gmail.com

You can also find us on our various forms of social media:

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The SIMCON Dragon was designed by Maren Cooke.


Q: Is parking free?
A: Parking in campus parking lots is free after 7:00 pm on Friday and will be free for the rest of the weekend. Before 7:00 pm on Friday, attendees may need to obtain campus parking information from the traffic kiosk on Wilson Blvd., or risk parking illegally on campus.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Unfortunately, no.  We can only accept cash. There are ATMs nearby on campus if you need cash. Some vendors do accept card, especially the game stores.

Q: Is re-entry allowed?
A: Yep! When you register at the desk we will take your name down. Just let us know your name during re-entry.

Q: Is there a minimum age you have to be to participate in SIMCON?
A: We welcome gamers of all ages!  In fact, children under the age of 10 can enter the convention for free. However, we do ask that minors are accompanied by an adult at all times, and that any content warnings and age restrictions on our programming are respected.

Q: Will there be food at SIMCON?
A: While SIMCON will not directly be selling food, there are several places to find food during the weekend. The Wilson Commons adjacent to Douglass building sells takeout-style food during the weekend, and there is also a dining center on the 1st floor of Douglass (Only open till 8PM on Friday and closed during the weekend), both of which accept both cash and credit cards. In addition, if you have not had the chance to see the greater city of Rochester, we highly reccomend checking out some dining options in the surrounding area.

Q: Can I buy out ad space in the SIMCON booklet?
A: Absolutely!  Contact us at simulation.gaming.convention@gmail.com for more information.

Q: I represent another convention.  Can I come to SIMCON to advertise?
A: Please do!  SIMCON will provide you with a table and chair to help you promote your convention.  Get in touch with us at simulation.gaming.convention@gmail.com to let us know you’re coming.

Q: Is cosplaying allowed at SIMCON?
A: Yes!  In fact we encourage it, and there will be a cosplay contest during the convention. However, we do ask that you avoid extreme gore, graphic imagery or sexual content, as this is a family friendly convention, and that you leave any weapons at home, for safety.