Spring Election Results 2021

2021 Spring Election

Unofficial Spring 2021 Election Results

Results Last Updated: April 16th, 2021 03:25 p.m

A total of 803 students voted in the 2021 Spring Election

Candidates in bold have won a seat/position

2021-2022 President & Vice President

Syed Sabeet Raza Kazmi/Rusama Haque 507

William Bothe/Zachary Sussman 238

2021-2022 Senate

2022 Senators

No Eligible CandidatesN/A

2023 Senators

Boris Sorokin238

Kevin Tusiime181

Sofia Troshina175

2024 Senators

Sybilla Moore261

Adrija Bhattacharjee240

Noah Hathaway221

Senators At Large

McKenzie Yun185

Miraz Sadi175

Lindsey Michaud148

Annie Chin140

Falisha Hola135

Cecile Wang131
Gregor Cvetojevic122

2022 Class Council

Victoria Liverpool121

Lea Thome89

John Maqui84

Brendon Tran76

Ko Ko72

Syanis Vargas Gonzalez54

Grace Di Leo52

Paul Sebastian Cordero Velastegui48

2023 Class Council

Syed Sabeet Raza Kazmi148

Rusama Haque135

Imaan Salimi129

Claudia Garcia94

Alex Fegler90

Lindsey Michaud74

2024 Class Council

Sybilla Moore148

Zachary Sussman134

Nicholas Jiang130

Timothy Lai114

Noah Hathaway112

Giovanni Correa-Quiñones108

Emily Chan82

Annie Chen68

Cecile Wang62

The 5K Challenge initiative winner is: with votes!

2021 Amendment Results

Amendment II - Amendment to Allow Expansion of ACJC Membership

Yes: 536
No: 53
Abstain: 203

Amendment III - Amendment to Update Provisions Regarding the Selections, Elections, and Appointments of SA Government Officeholders"

Yes: 505
No: 42
Abstain: 244

Amendment IV - Amendment to Update Ambiguous Phrases and Include Gender-neutral Language

Yes: 614
No: 49
Abstain: 127