What is ACJC?

The All-Campus Judicial Council (ACJC) is the Judicial Branch of the Students’ Association Government. ACJC serves both as the Students’ Association highest court and as a hearing panel, authorized by the University, to address alleged violations of the student conduct standards. Fundamental to each of these roles is that ACJC provides a true jury of one’s peers.

Chief Justice: Connor Sandagata at

Forms, Documents, and Resources

These items below are documents, resources, and forms related to conduct.


Appeal Form

If you believe the actions of the SA President, Senate, or any of its standing committees have harmed you or your organization through a violation of the SA Constitution or its bylaws, you can contact the All-Campus Judicial Council for redress of your grievances.


Student Code of Conduct

Would you like to review the full Student Code of Conduct? Click below to view it in it entirety.


Academic Honesty

If you have any questions or would like resoruces on our University's Academic Policy feel free to view it here.


Landmark Cases

Would you like to view all Landmark Cases? Click below to see all cases.