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General: Every system with which the driver interacts directly and for ensuring the car is safe, comfortable, and easily serviceable.

  • Brake system: pedal, master cylinder, brake lines, calipers, rotors
  • Steering system: steering wheel, steer shaft, steering brace, rack and pinion, tie rods
  • Safety equipment: Seat belts, arm restraints, helmet
  • Driver seat
  • Firewall
  • Front and rear hitches

As a Project Team Leader (PTL) - General Responsibilities

  • Coordinate a team of general members through designing and building their assigned car subsystems. Serve as a mentor and resource to Project Team members when they require assistance with an assigned subsystem.
  • Work with the Chief Engineer to create general design goals for the Project Team’s subsystems at the beginning of the season. Create and maintain a schedule for accomplishing set goals.
  • Represent the Project Team and be informed about the progress of applicable subsystems during Design Board meetings
  • PTLs are required to take a 2-credit independent study regarding their design contributions during the Fall semester
  • Write a design report for the Project team at the end of the design phase (Fall semester) including major design improvements and suggestions for the following year. This can be in accordance with the report generate for the 2-credit independent study.
  • Create a design poster for presentation at competition and Design Day
  • Maintain relationships with companies related to the Project Team’s subsystems, e.g. drivetrain team should work with Gleason or Rochester Gear to coordinate getting gearbox gears machined

Past Leaders

  • 2021: Scott Smith
  • 2020: Scott Smith
  • 2019: Marial Lara
  • 2018: Marial Lara
  • 2017: Oscar Ta
  • 2016: Kevin Bonko
  • 2015: Laurence Lohman
  • 2014: Bill Green
  • 2013: Adalberto Perez