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Determining Printer's IP Address

1. In the printer's main menu scroll to Information using the arrow keys and hit OK

2. Scroll to Print Configuration and hit OK

3. One of the printed pages will have a section titled IPv4 and will there list the IP Address

  • Note: As of Jan 2015 the IP address is

Installing the Printer on Personal Computers

This section will guide you on how to install the GM Lab network printer on personal computers.

Windows Computers

1. Press the Windows Key and type in Devices and Printers and press Enter

2. In the top ribbon, select Add a printer and then The printer that I want isn't listed

3. Select Add a printer using a a TCP/IP address or hostname and select Next

4. In the Hostname or IP address box type in the IP address of the Printer and select Next

5. Windows will now attempt to contact the printer, and on completion will prompt for you to type in a name. Type in a name and select Next

6. Change the default sharing option to Do not share this printer and select Next

7. If you would like you can print a test page from the current wizard menu to make sure everything is set up properly, or just select Finish

Mac OS Computers

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