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Cosponsorships (Alternative Programming)

Q: What is Alternative Programming?

A: UR Cinema Group enjoys showing movies that are cosponsored with other groups to supplement our regular semester programming.

Q: What sort of movies are shown for Alternative Programming?

A: All sorts of movies. They can be foreign films or films of any genre. The only restrictions are that they are not recent releases that would compete with our regular programming and that they not be pornographic.

Q: Who chooses the movies?

A: The film is chosen by the cosponsoring group.

Q: Can I show a movie if it has already been shown on campus recently?

A: If the movie has been shown on campus in the last three years, Cinema Group would rather not show it again. Variety is the spice of life. Or something.

Q: When are Alternative Programming movies shown?

A: Alternative Programming movies are typically shown on Thursday evenings.

Q: Where are Alternative Programming movies shown?

A: Alternative Programming movies are typically shown in Hoyt Auditorium on the River Campus, but the cosponsor may request a different venue if need be.

Q: What is the cost of admission for Alternative Programming moives?

A: All showings of Alternative Programming movies are free!

Q: When are Alternative Programming movies scheduled?

A: UR Cinema Group prefers to schedule films prior to the semester in which they will be shown. Scheduling for Fall Semester begins in the summer; scheduling for Spring Semester begins mid-October.

Q: How do I cosponsor a film?

A: Contact Josh Brandis at jbrandis@u.rochester.edu.

Q: How are dates chosen to show the film?

A: Dates are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q: What does co-sponsoring a film entail?

A: By cosponsoring a movie, the group in question agrees to assisst UR Cinema Group in three ways: Publicity, Personnel, and Finance. We have a contract that the cosponsoring groups will need to sign that covers everything that is expected and needed.

Q: What does publicity assistance entail?

A: UR Cinema Group will post standard movie advertisement posters the week leading up to the showing. Your group will be responsible for additional advertising, whether by posters, e-mail, or word-of-mouth.

Q: What does personnel assistance entail?

A: Your group will be responsible for getting an audience. In addition, Cinema Group may require a few of your group members to arrive thirty minutes prior to the screenings to assist the Theatre Manager.

Q: What does financial assistance entail?

A: The cosponsoring group will be responsible for financing half the cost of the film licensing and Event Support. Film rights typically cost $300-$500. Event Support costs about $30 for the evening.

Q: What if we can't pay?

A: Depending on the situation, UR Cinema Group can negotiate bills with individual groups. However, without reasonable financial assisstance, the show cannot go on.

Q: We have the film on DVD. Do we still need to pay for the movie costs?

A: Yes. The financial burden is not from ordering the film reel, but from obtaining the rights to show the movie on campus. Although it is a free showing, it is still a public showing, and we must pay for the rights. UR Cinema Group does not endore illegal showings.

Q: Does that mean we have to use a reel?

A: Film quality is better on a reel than on a DVD. If it's a foreign film, DVDs are acceptable. UR Cinema Group will order the reel when purchasing the rights for any domestic movie.

Q: What else will UR Cinema Group provide for the event?

A: In addition to advertisement, movie rights, and staffing, UR Cinema Group will reserve Hoyt Auditorium.

Q: When are bills to be paid?

A: Invoices will be sent out to each group after its respective showing. Invoices are to be paid no later than two weeks following receipt of the invoice.

Q: Great! Now what?

A: E-mail Josh Brandis to begin the process.


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