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URCG meets every Sunday at 2pm in Wilson Commons 122. All are welcome!

Membership can be acquired by any undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Rochester. Membership as a student consists of the ability to vote (such as in elections), free admission to any regularly scheduled movie, and eligiblity to become a Theater Manager and/or executive board member.

Anyone who is not a student at the University may join as associate members, which lack the ability to vote and the eligibility for a position as a Theater Manager and on the executive board.

To gain membership, 10 points are required. To continue as a member, a total of 5 points are needed each semester. Points may be earned by working at the movies (selling or taking tickets, etc.), by distributing publicity materials, and by completing other special tasks. For working one showing in a movie night, 1 point will be given. For working two or three showings in a movie night, 2 points may be given. By putting up one area's worth of posters, 1 point will be given.

After the required points per semester/membership are gained, the member is now eligible for guest passes, which grant one free admission to any regular programming movies. Members will receive one free guest pass for every point earned.

Once membership is gained, any member is eligible to become a Theater Manager by vote. Once voted in, that member must go through two sessions of managing with another Theater Manager, as well as two tests with either the Personnel Director or the Chairperson before that member can manage by him/herself.

2017-2018 Executive Board

  • President: Charlotte Wright
  • Personnel Director: Ben Chomsang
  • Business Manager: Jackie Heinzlemann
  • Programming Director: Josh Brandis
  • Alternative Programming: Sam Hirschhorn
  • Publicity Manager: Ryan Sauer
  • Trailer Editior: John Kim
  • Secretary:
  • Faculty Advisor: Heather Maclin

Executive Board information was last edited on 2017-09-24 13:47:33.

Theater Managers

  • Ben Chomsang
  • Charlotte Wright
  • David Kim
  • Mason Raboy

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