Solar Splash @ ASME Pumpkin Launch

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Join Solar Splash as we compete in the annual ASME Pumpkin Launch!

Teams have been designing, building and testing pumpkin launchers in the last few months. During the competition, teams compete for accuracy as we aim pumpkins at targets along the quad. The team to get closest to the targets wins! Our team will be competing against a number of other engineering groups from Rochester and other schools in the area. This year, we’ve been working to improve our air cannon for use during the competition, including replacing our quick-release valve and improving other features. We’re excited to compete and hope to see you there! This is a great opportunity for members of Solar Splash to meet other engineering students, represent the club, and have fun as a part of the Rochester engineering community!

At the same time as the pumpkin launch, the Fall E-Social will be going on nearby on the Wilson Quad steps. The Engineering Social is an event organized by Wilson Student Activities and volunteer students from Engineering-related student organizations. Hang out, have food, listen to music, decorate a pumpkin and do other fall-themed activities while watching the pumpkin launch!

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