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Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer Events Now Posted

Descriptions for the Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer events being run this year at SIMCON have been posted online.  Thank you to Boldo’s Armory and Dragon Snack Games for running these events.

Links to the event listings can be found under the Events menu item.  Or, you can find the Magic: The Gathering events here and the Warhammer events here.  These events are not posted in the regular events list, and do not require registration.  However, users are recommended to denote which Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer events they will be attending through the preregistration form.

The event descriptions for these events, especially the start and end times, may change within the next few days, so please check back before SIMCON to confirm the actual times.

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Event Registration Closes March 16

This is a reminder that event registration will be closing at 11:59PM on Sunday, March 16.  Thank you to everyone who has registered events so far!

The SIMCON team will be sending out emails to GM’s who have registered 6 hours worth of events to confirm that they have qualified for a free weekend pass.  In addition, users who have registered events NOT totaling 6 hours will receive notifications alerting them to this fact.  The emails will be sent to whichever email is registered on this site with your username.  Expect emails to come from my email address

If you miss the opportunity to register an event before the deadline, you may still try to start a pickup game at SIMCON.  We have no guarantees that we will have the ideal space for the event, but if you notify the SIMCON staff that you would like to run a pickup event, we will let you have whatever space is available.

Although event registration is closing, you may still book spaces for registered events until the first day of SIMCON, Friday, March 28.  Preregistration will also still be open until March 28, and the $2 discount on ticket price will remain so long as you preregister.

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Event Registration is Active

Event registration is now active for all users!  We will be accepting new event submissions until Sunday, March 16 at 11:59PM.  Please note that you must have an account on this site in order to create an event.  However, you do NOT have to have an account in order to register for an event.

The list of events can be found on the Events page, which has the link to create a new event.  Under the Events heading is an instructions page for creating events.  This is a new event registration system for us, so please let us know if any part of the event creation/registration process is confusing or does not work.

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In order to receive the preregistration discount, you need to preregister at this link:

If you also wish to register an event early, you may do so here:

EDIT: This link was for vendors who wished to register events before regular registration became available.  DO NOT register events through this link.  Thank you.

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Welcome to SIMCON’s new website!

Welcome to the new website for SIMCON! In the past, SIMCON has had its website both designed and hosted by a hired non-university designer.  Our new website is hosted by the University of Rochester, and we plan to make this website the new permanent internet home for SIMCON.  Please share the new URL with anyone you know who is interested in SIMCON, as we have not yet linked it to, which no longer works.  Also know that this website is still very much under construction.  We will be working hard to try and complete it as soon as possible.  If you notice something essential missing from the site, please feel free to let us know.  Contact Kara Morse at for website questions.