Event Submission Template Clarification

Welcome to Event Submission! What follows is a detailed list of what each part of the template given on the Guidelines page means.

Event Organizer: This should be your name, the name of the person running the event.

Title of Event: This is the title of your event. Call it something that imparts the gist of what you’re doing.

Time of Event: This field indicates what time your event will run. It is recommended to keep your event within the block schedule, but if you need a different time, note it here and we can work it out.

Type of Event: This indicates what kind of thing you’re running. Whether it’s a tabletop RPG, a board game, miniatures, or anything else, put it here.

Maximum Players: What is the most players who can play your game? This is important for registration reasons.

Allow Reservations: Tell us if you want to let people reserve spots at your event.

Event Description: What is your event? ┬áThe description will be published on the website and in the conbook. It’s your place to tell the players what they should look forward to in your event.