Event Schedule

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Friday, April 3rd

Doors open 6:30 pm

Murder Amongst the Stars
7:30 pm-10:30 pm
Feldman Ballroom
After the sudden crash of the SS Reaver and the discovery of Captain Cincinatti’s stabbed corpse, residents of the planet Streon 7H71 must band together to figure out what happened and who is responsible for the Captain’s murder…
Join us for a fun evening of murder and suspense and try your hand at solving the mystery of what happened on the SS Reaver.

Saturday, April 4th

Doors open at 10 am

Cosplaying in the Digital Era
2 pm-3 pm
Douglass 401
Come join Nelangela Chourio, social media expert, as she discusses topic related to cosplaying and social media, such as how to reach an audience, how to engage with your audience, how to establish partnerships with brands, and more!

Cosplay Contest
Feldman Ballroom
Now is your chance to show off your wonderful cosplays and potentially win a prize!

Sunday, April 5th

Doors open at 10 am

Vogon Poetry Contest
2 pm- 3:30 pm
Feldman Ballroom
In honor of the aliens with the worst poetry in the galaxy, we’ll be hosting our own poetry contest with prizes for the best and the worst poems you can┬ácome up with