SIMCON XXXVII will begin tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00PM!  It’s time to get excited!

Just like last year, SIMCON will be held in the Wilson Commons Building on the University of Rochester campus.  You can reach Wilson Commons from the outside (look for a building with a big glass window-wall behind Rush Rhees Library, the big building with the dome) or through the tunnels.  Check for SIMCON signs on the doors to the library.  The registration desk will be on the 2nd floor in Hirst Lounge (also known as Flag Lounge because of all the flags hanging from the ceiling).  The parking lots closest to Wilson Commons are Library Lot and Intercampus Lot.  Parking will be free starting at 7:00PM for the entire campus.  Check the Directions page for more information and a map handy for navigating campus.

The registration desk will only be able to accept cash, but there is an ATM nearby.  The food venues in Wilson Commons can accept both cash and credit cards.

Preregistration is still open until 4:59PM on Friday.  Also, don’t forget to reserve a space in any events you are interested in joining.

I’d like to give a big thank you in advance to everyone who has supported SIMCON both this year and all the other years.  We’re so proud to run this convention and bring together gamers from all over.  I hope everyone has a great time at the con.