We are holding an auction for our old board games and war games on BoardGameGeek.com.  These are old games belonging to the club that simply don’t get played anymore, so we are trying to sell them to make room for new games.  There are also a few newer games at the end of the list.  You can check out the auction here:


In order to bid on an item, you’ll have to make a BGG account and then comment on the item you want.  The auction will end sometime between 6:00PM and 11:00PM on Sunday, March 22 (this is to prevent sniping).  Any games you’ve won can be picked up and paid for at SIMCON.

The games we don’t sell through the auction will be for sale at SIMCON, but it’ll be first-come, first-serve, so if you really want a game your best bet is to bid on it here.

Thanks for reading.  You can email me at kara.morse@rochester.edu if you have any questions.  Event registration ends on Sunday!