Happy Holidays from the SIMCON team!
This year, we will be introducing a new pricing system for the convention! There are three tiers of pricing based on when you buy.
Premium Preregistration (January 1 – February 14): For those who sign up early, we have a special price of $10 for a full-weekend pass or $6 for a one-day pass! Whether you go for the weekend or day pass, you will also get the exclusive option to put a piece of merchandise on reserve. We will put on reserve up to one shirt in a size of your choosing, one pair of dice, and one SIMCON dice cup and hold it for you so that you can come to the convention assured that you will be able to buy the convention merchandise you want. (Note: this is not a preorder and does not make you eligible for a discount, please pay for the item(s) at the convention itself.)
Standard Preregistration (Jan 15 – March 26): Standard preregistration will get you a discount on the ticket price, bringing it down to $12 for a full-weekend pass or $8 for a one-day pass. Our merchandise reserve option will not be available for standard preregistration, as it is exclusive to the premium package.
At the Door (March 27-29): Buying tickets at the door during the convention will put these tickets up to full price, which is $14 for a full-weekend pass or $10 for a one-day pass.
As mentioned in the Premium Preregistration blurb, we will be selling SIMCON shirts this year in addition to dice pairs and dice cups (note: these are the same dice cups from the previous year).  Shirts will be in very limited quantity, so if you would like a shirt, you should preorder one as soon as you get the chance!
Click below for pictures of the t-shirts and dice.

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