Hello to all, from SIMCON!

Since an official post was never made, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported SIMCON this past year.  It’s thanks to you that we can continue to hold this convention and try to improve it every year.  One of our top priorities is inventing a weather machine so snowstorms stop bothering us in late March.

As of now, we are busy planning for next year’s SIMCON.  We do not yet have a date or theme confirmed, but you can expect it to be held during one of the last weekends in March (the 20th-22nd or 27th-29th).  Of course, we will update the site as soon as we have more details confirmed.

On a different note, since the summer began this website has been attracting a number of spam users.  We have installed some extra security software to help cut back on new spam users registering and to clean out our user database.  I have already begun deleting users who have been identified as spammers.

I am trying to be careful and make sure no actual users are deleted, but there’s always a chance that a real person could be reported as spam, either as an existing user or during account registration.  Therefore, if you find that your account is wrongfully deleted or you are blocked from registering for the site, please let me know and I can resolve the issue.  My email is kara.morse@rochester.edu.  Hopefully, we can clear our user database of all spammers before event registration opens up again later in the year.

Thank you all for reading.  Have a wonderful summer!