SIMCON quickly approaches!  Here are a few tips and updates to help maximize your SIMCON experience.

Firstly, our hours of operation have changed slightly.  Unfortunately, we could not keep the entire Wilson Commons building on reserve for all of Sunday.  The registration desk, vendors area, and open board gaming areas will begin to pack up starting at 5:00PM.  For users who have registered events that run until 6:00PM, you will still have reserved space for your game!  However, all other con functions will end at 5:00PM.

SIMCON will still officially start at 5:00PM on Friday in the Wilson Commons Building.  See the Directions page for a map and parking info.  You can also find a map of the campus tunnel system, which will let you get from Rush Rhees Library (the domed building that is closest to the parking lots) to Wilson Commons without going outside.  Look for signs in Rush Rhees to help you get to the Registration Desk via the tunnels.

You will find the registration desk on the 2nd floor in Hirst Lounge (also known as Flag Lounge).  Note that the tunnels will lead you to the 3rd floor of Wilson Commons.  We will be accepting cash and URos/Flex (if you are a UofR student).  If you are short on cash, there is also an ATM on the 2nd floor.  Also note that all food sold in Wilson Commons can be bought with cash or credit.

Hirst Lounge will be the center of SIMCON.  There you will find the SIMCON registration tables + merchandise, the vendors, and Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer events.

Overlooking Hirst Lounge two floors above is Bridge Lounge.  Bridge Lounge will host open gaming run by some of our special guests.

Havens Lounge is about half a staircase down from Bridge Lounge, and will have tables for board/card game events and extra room for open board gaming.  Havens is the best location if you want to relax and sit somewhere.

Many user events will have their own conference rooms somewhere in the Wilson Commons Building.  There will be references in the con booklets to help you find your room, and you can always ask a member of the SIMCON staff for help.

Remember that Preregistration is still open!  Preregistering yourself for a badge will automatically save you $2 on badge price!  Also, event bookings are still enabled.  Preregistration and event bookings will stay open until 4:59PM on Friday, March 28.