This is a reminder that event registration will be closing at 11:59PM on Sunday, March 16.  Thank you to everyone who has registered events so far!

The SIMCON team will be sending out emails to GM’s who have registered 6 hours worth of events to confirm that they have qualified for a free weekend pass.  In addition, users who have registered events NOT totaling 6 hours will receive notifications alerting them to this fact.  The emails will be sent to whichever email is registered on this site with your username.  Expect emails to come from my email address

If you miss the opportunity to register an event before the deadline, you may still try to start a pickup game at SIMCON.  We have no guarantees that we will have the ideal space for the event, but if you notify the SIMCON staff that you would like to run a pickup event, we will let you have whatever space is available.

Although event registration is closing, you may still book spaces for registered events until the first day of SIMCON, Friday, March 28.  Preregistration will also still be open until March 28, and the $2 discount on ticket price will remain so long as you preregister.