Hi all! Don’t panic, and welcome to 2021 🙂

This is an announcement that we are working on putting together our postponed, all virtual SIMCON 42 on March 26-28, 2021.

We understand that we’re all a little zoom fatigued, so we’re hoping to create a flexible, fun environment with a variety of different things going on, like movies, vendors, a murder mystery and some virtual RPG events

If you’re interested in running a virtual event click here (and if you’d like help with moving your event online, send us an email)

If you’re interested in in being a vendor click here (see below for more info)


Quick Q&A

How is SIMCON 42 going to be run?

People who register will be added to a discord server, where the activities will be held. There will be no in-person components of this year’s SIMCON

Is there still going to be merch?

We’re still trying to get the kinks worked out, but we still plan on selling both tshirts and dice

How are vendors going to work?

Vendors will be able to promote their wares in a designated channel in the server that attendees will be able to browse. There is no fee to be a vendor this year

How much will a ticket cost?

Admission to SIMCON 42 this year is free for all

How do I run an event?

All registered event runners will be granted a specific channel, and we’ll work with them to provide whatever support/resources they need to run their event virtually. If you’d like to talk with us to get the process started, contact us!