Retro Anime Space Battles – Robotech


Date(s) - Saturday, 01 April
8:00 pm - 11:59 pm


In 2012, the situation was desperate: Earth had only a single space battleship, the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, “SDF-1.” It used to belong to the Robotech Masters, and they have sent the Zentraedi, an army of 50-foot tall clones, to recapture it. What better way to fight giant space aliens than to use Veritech space planes that transform into 50 foot tall robots?

In this scenario wave after wave of Zentraedi Battle Pods and Power Armor will crash against the squadrons of Veritechs, Destroids, and even a MAC-II cannon that valiantly battle to defend the SDF-1 and the 80,000 citizens of Macross City nestled inside.

Players will choose a squad of painted miniatures from the Robotech RPG Tactics game and will put that squad to work. Pick the Robotech Defense Force or the Zentraedi, or give both a try. The game is designed to Demo the fun and well thought out Robotech RPG Tactic system. This is your chance to fire a legendary Macross Missile Massacre!

Players need not be present for the whole 4 hour time slot, but it is appreciated if you register for the game even if you only plan to give it a try for 30 minutes.

Event by Thomas Walters.


Bookings are closed for this event.